Friday, February 15, 2013

Huz Interview: The Inside Scoop on Kathleen Y'Barbo

Today we welcome Kathleen Y'Barbo's husband, Robert.

Kathleen Y’Barbo is the author of Her Holiday Fireman, Rocky Mountain Heiresses, and Flora’s Wish, among others. You may visit her website at

Robert, thank you for coming by!

Where did you meet (author) and how long have you been married?

We met in high school around 1973. Didn’t see each other for 35 years and now we have been married for two years.
Who lives at home with you (children, pets, other)?

Two teenage boys, a dog, and a cat.

Did you know (author) was a writer before you were married?


What is your occupation and how long have you been working at that vocation?

Military – Air Force for 26 years.

What are a few of your favorite books and authors? (Not including your wife's.)

I’m a Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Dan Brown kind of reader.

Have you ever read any of your wife's books? If so, do you have a favorite?

I’ve read several of her books. So far my favorite is the new series she is writing for Harvest House. The Lives of Will Tucker. The first one – Flora’s Wish – comes out in February 2013

Where does Kathleen write?

Kitchen table, office desk, bed, car. Name it and she writes there.
What does she wear when writing?

Just normal casual clothes.
 that she ever asks you to do relating to her writing?
No, I do help her edit as she writes and sometimes she asks for the male point of view about things she is writing.
What activities do the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple?

Long drives, traveling, family gatherings, just about anything.

Now, from Kathleen:
Does your husband write? If so, please tell us about it. 

According to him, he writes checks, emails, and notes of apology when he does something stupid. I think he would make a brilliant writer. He’s smart, funny, and creative. Until he uses those talents to write his own book, I’m content to exploit them to help me write mine.

As an author, what is something exceptional that you appreciate about your husband relating to his support of your career.

Robert not only reads my books, he gives me good constructive help in writing them. He is truly my biggest fan and does what he does so I can do what I do. Just now he went out and bought a fresh supply of Diet Dr. Pepper because he noticed I was out—a dangerous situation on a writing day. J But most of all, he is truly and genuinely proud of me. I adore that—and him.

Thank you Robert and Kathleen! It was so nice to have you here at WTD!

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  1. Robert and Kathleen,

    Fun interview! It's great to see how you two complement each other.

  2. I think its wonderful how that met up all those years later and now have a perfect match!

  3. Sweet interview. I love how you interviewed both of them.

  4. Thank you for hosting us, Carla! We had a great time answering these questions.

  5. So cute! I love relationships like this. My hubby and I work together too on my writing, although he would say he only writes web code. I love it!

  6. What a great idea for an interview! Thanks so much. Wishing Kathleen and you all the best! :)


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