Tuesday, February 26, 2013


“It’s so wonderfully cold that my whole body crackles!” said the Snow Man. ~ Snowman, Hans Christian Anderson
      “That is wonderfully beautiful,” said a young girl, who came with a young man into the garden.
       They both stood still near the Snow Man, and contemplated the glittering trees. “Summer cannot show a more beautiful sight,” said she; and her eyes sparkled.
       “And we can’t have such a fellow as this in summer-time,” replied the young man, and he pointed to the Snow Man. “He is capital.”
      The girl laughed, nodded at the Snow Man, and then danced away over the snow with her friend—over the snow that cracked and crackled under her tread as if she were walking on starch.

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  1. I love this little excerpt. It's been cold here, but not cold enough for snow. Just rain, rain, rain. No crackling here unless there's a cozy fire in the fireplace :). Thanks for sharing this walk in the snow.



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