Monday, July 11, 2011

What Are You Hiding?

When the drawer lower draw on our stove got off its track I couldn't get it on straight. I asked my huz to assist and he had to take it completely out to get it to work. But before it put it back he pulled out a trove of objects that set me laughing out loud. Along with the dust bunnies, out came 4 kitty toy balls, and fourteen, yes fourteen!, plastic hot roller clips that I have been missing.  I immediately new who the culprit was . . . our cat Dasha!  I had long wondered what she did with them, they just seemed to disappear. I had caught her in the act on occasion actually stealing them and then batting them around the floor. I didn't do much about it, until they had all but disappeared. I figured they would turn up eventually, but they have been long gone until today. I really don't know what the fascination is. Reminds me about my former mother-in-law's cat who used to wake her up every morning by pulling her curlers out of her hair!

So, I left them out for a while to see what she'd do with her stash, although I can't say with certainty whether see hid them intentionally or just couldn't retrieve them.  Regardless, her reaction to them having been discovered was a little surprising. She just kind of looked at everything overwhelmed.  She started playing with one of the balls, but never touched her beloved curler clips.

The episode make me think about the things I hide. Words, sometimes. I've hoarded special words and phrases or ideas that I want to use in my writing, not sure if I should use them with this project or save them for another. I hid my writing away for years, not wanting anyone to see a word I wrote and if they discovered something before I was ready I panicked. Then when I take out my stash of notebooks full of my writing I am overwhelmed with what to do with them, where they fit into my current publishing plans, if at all.  Hiding my words, my writing, has been a problem for me in the past. I'm still a little shy about it, but I have been finding my courage over the years through blogging, and taking the risk of putting my words out there for public viewing. It has really built my confidence. So I'm going to take a lesson from Dasha and ignore the dust bunnies, disregard the imitation/insignificant toys, and just play with the real thing/what has true merit. Most importantly not hide my words, or hide behind them anymore.

Do you hide your words, your writing? What do you do to help build your writing confidence? Is there anything in your stash of writing that can be pulled out and shared with others? What are you waiting for?

By the way, CLICK HERE to see Dasha's little story about A Writer's Life.


  1. I've thought about doing this with funny jokes or quips, but when the time comes, I can't remember what I was saving.... :O)

  2. Yes, I do know what you mean, Diane! ...or where I was saving it!

  3. Blogging has helped build my confidence, along with selling a few articles. However, I still have trouble sharing my fiction. I'm planning to submit a short story or two to upcoming contests, but I'm not sure if I'll use something I've got saved in my "Ideas" file or start from scratch. Some of my ideas don't sound as wonderful now as they did when I filed them away.

  4. I don't think I hide my words, instead I overuse my words! Same phrases, flowery writing, though recently I had to hide a bunch or words by choice when I edited my story down by 36,000. My fear is that these words will be lost forever, hidden, never to be used in another WIP because I'm not going to remember if I used them in the novella that's being published!

  5. I sure know what you mean, Carol. It takes time to feel ready to go public with your work. Especially fiction, I think. I'm sure you'll come up with with something and I encourage you to put your best foot forward. You will be so glad you did! Be prepared, contests are not just about winning. You'll get some valuable feedback...and maybe not. But it will be worth the experience and continue to help build your confidence for getting your work out there. I hope you do well!!

  6. You have a good point there, Gina. I wish there was some type of word tracking device to help us remember things like that. I guess our job is to learn to recycle those special words that we have to edit out. Maybe we can mark some of our favorite phrases or special things that we might use elsewhere. You did a fantastic job editing down though. What hard and painful work. I can't wait to read your novella!


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