Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do you "Like" your Favorite Authors?

We all have favorite authors that we just love! But do you "like" them?

Here are some easy ways to support your favorite authors, simply by "liking" them.  But first I'd like to start with how authors can help us to "like" them.


Help us "like" you  by providing a link to your Amazon listing on your websites and blogs. Make sure you've gone over your book listings and include several tags.  The more tags a book has, the earlier it will show up when a search is done for that genre (tag).

Be sure you have an Author page set up with links to your online sites.

Create a Facebook fan page so we can "like" you there!


1) Click on your favorite author's Amazon's book links or locate them on your own.

2) Underneath book title is a LIKE button. Click on it.

3) Go to the Author's Amazon Page and LIKE it too.

4) Scroll down Book's Amazon page past the reviews and you will see a section titled TAGS CUSTOMERS ASSOCIATE WITH THIS PRODUCT. Now click the tags you consider relevant.

5) Go to and like your favorite author's books there, too. You can probably do similarly on other book seller sites.

Also, if you read an blog review of your favorites it's always nice to retweet the post address and share it on facebook.

A little love . . . "like" . . . goes a long way!


  1. Carla, Thanks so much for such a needed, practical post. Often readers, even myself, don't realize all the ways we can be of help to each other. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

  2. Hi Carla -

    At first, I thought this was going to be about Facebook.

    I've done some book reviews on Amazon, but I didn't know about the "Like" feature. Thanks for the info.

    Susan :)

  3. Carla,

    Excellent post. Really great idea to help our readers find us.

    David Alves


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