Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Hats - Fascinating Fascinators

I just couldn't resist posting about this!  As hats were required to be worn by the ladies at the Royal Wedding, there was a showcase of some extraordinary, dare I say bizarre, headpieces to gander at. This type of millinery is called a "fascinator" and there were many fascinating fascinators on display. Many of them had a flair that were difficult for many of us Americans to comprehend. Art? Origami? Well, we can give them much credit for their creativity. Festive indeed!

And here the princesses adorned hats for another occasion...

I love the butterflies, by I don't think I'd be caught dead
wearing a flock of them on my head.

If Marie Antoinette were a guest she might have donned this...

Did you have a favorite? Share a link if you wish.

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  1. Some of those look dangerous to the wearer and those around her.... :O)

  2. Wow. I think I'd rather be noticed for me than for my headwear, but I DO love a creative twist.

  3. They're all horrendous! The whole affair is grossly over hyped and over done. I'm glad it's over!

  4. What fun Euginie (sp?); and Beatrice brought to the party!

  5. Wow...whole different world. :)

    I have to wonder... how do they keep them on their heads? lol

    Thanks for sharing the pics, it was cool to see. :)

  6. I have worn really nice elegant hats for years when doing antique shows, etc., and love them. I am fortunate to have a couple really special ones. I make all my own decorated '18thc. hats' for reenacting, and have gotten many wonderful compliments.
    I have to say however, that MOST of the hats and the outfits on the wedding GUESTS ranged from the frumpy to the bizarre. I only saw 4 or 5 that I thought were truly lovely---tasteful and elegant. That having been said, I DID get up at 4 AM, and watched the entire wedding. When Adam got home, we cuddled up together and watched it all again. We LOVED it. I think Kate looked classy and amazing. My tastes in clothing has always run to the Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I am sick of the ubiquitous, same old, same old strapless wedding gowns on American brides. Maybe this will start a mini-trend toward real elegance and class in wedding gowns.
    The ceremony was perfection. I don't think it was overdone at all, or 'over-hyped'. I especially loved every musical selection. 'Jerusalem' is my favorite hymn.

    This was a free, (for the TV viewer), feel-good day, and it brought tears of emotion to our eyes...

  7. Hi, I'm a new follower! I really like the beige hat that looked like it was rings or bows. It looked like it was going to fall down on her face and so I respect that she was able to do a darn thing with that hat on her head. Thanks for the photos!

  8. Those hats were something! I wonder if the trend would ever catch on here in the US. :)

  9. I'm fascinated with pun intended! I would totally wear one to a wedding if it wasn't too crazy. Some of them just look like decorated satellite dishes perched on a forehead!

  10. The one with the love birds sitting on a bow is my favorite. Can't imagine wearing any of them!

  11. Hey Carla, Deb Marvin brought this to my attention because she knew I'm blogging about fascinators on Monday at the Inkwell. I see you've used some photos I had in my post so I'll skip them.

    I've taken a different tack in my post so my panic has abated.

    Your post is great. May I link to it?

    Anita Mae.

    May I link to your post?

  12. Royal wedding hats are really fascinating. Thanks for this wonderful post


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