Friday, October 25, 2013

Victorian Fair

Last month I went to a Victorian Fair with my husband and Mom, to celebrate her birthday. I thought I'd share some of the highlights from the delightful time we had at this grand event held at Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine. 

Victoria Mansion is a massive Italianate brownstone, built in
1858, with a view toward Portland Harbor. The summer villa
of Ruggles S. Morse, a rural Maine native who built his
fortune as a proprietor of several of New Orleans
most magnificent hotels.

Victorian Fashion
Victorian fashions by costumed reenactors.

Civil War encampment
Reenactors from the 3rd Maine Infantry: soldiers, surgeon, camp tent.

Vintage Singers
This 19th century era quartet entertained us with
tunes such as "By the Light of the Silvery Moon."

A taste of the 19th century

Tea! Tea cakes, Switchel,Green Tomato Pickles, Aspic, Hardtack.

The Photographer

This tintype photographer was of special interest to this author of
"The Shadow Catcher's Daugher," my novel of an 1875 photographer.

The Phrenologist
Phrenology was a popular 19th century method of
determining one's personality from the shape of his or her skull.
This phrenologist was visiting from Olde Sturbridge Village.

Another fun activity was the dog trick show!

I made my own "Tussie-Mussie" nosegay to take home!

Mansion Tour
Main hall of Victoria Mansion. Photo: David Bohl.Guests are not allowed to take pictures inside the house museum,
but you may have a peek of the mansion at Christmastime
with these professional photographs.

Have you ever been to a Victorian Fair
or one of another historical era?

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  1. Awww, I bet that was fun! The girls would have loved it. When are they doing it again?????


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