Friday, November 16, 2012

A Visit with the Huz: the inside scoop on Susan Page Davis

Today I'd like to welcome James Davis, husband of author Susan Page Davis.

Susan Page Davis is the author of Captive Trail and A Lady in the Making.  She is also my writing mentor. You may visit her website at

Jim, thank you for stopping by!

Where did you meet Susan, and how long have you been married?

At her home in Belgrade, Maine. Married 36 years.  

Any children, grandchildren, or pets in the family? Who lives at home?

Son, 19, daughter, 18, one cat, two horses. We also have four older children and eight grandchildren.

Did you know Susan was a writer before you were married?

No, she was not an author before we were married.What is your occupation and how long have you been working at that vocation?

News copy editor, 21 years, retired. (Other occupations before that.)

What are a few of your favorite books and authors? (Not including your wife's.)

Sherlock Holmes, Doyle; Dickens; Leatherstocking series, Cooper; Mrs. Polifax, Dorothy Gilman;
Ivanhoe, Scott; Bug man books, Tim Downs; 

Have you ever read any of your wife's books?  If so, do you have a favorite?

I’ve read all of them. Frasier Island is a favorite, and some early ones that have not been published.

Where does Susan write?

At home, in her study.

What does she wear when writing?

Casual clothes

Is there anything unusual that she ever asks you to do relating to her writing?

Not unusual. Some research, get the mail, be a walking encyclopedia.

What activities do the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple?

Travel to visit our grown children, watch certain select TV shows or old movies.

Now, from Susan:

Does your husband write? If so, please tells us about it. 

Jim is a former news reporter, columnist, and editor. He also wrote some magazine articles. He’s had a lot of input in my books.

As an author, what is something exceptional that you appreciate about your husband relating to his support of your career.

Since Jim retired three years ago, he’s taken over a lot of mundane chores I used to do. That gives me a lot more time to write, and it makes me feel pampered.

Thank you, Jim and Susan, for visiting with us!


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  1. Fun to hear from the hubby's side!

  2. Love to hear from the folks "behind the scenes". I love all of Susan's books!

  3. Thanks, Carla and lovely readers. This was a lot of fun.

  4. Susan, I'm so thrilled that you and Jim joined us here. Lovex getting the inside scoop at the Davis household. Such a fantastic couple!

  5. What a fun twist on the author interview!

  6. This interviewing the husbands is a great idea! So entertaining! I love that Jim helps do 'mundane' stuff so that Susan can have more time to write. Now, that's teamwork, that's a marriage!


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