Friday, November 30, 2012

A Visit with the Huz: The Inside Scoop on Gina Welborn

Today I'd like to welcome Jeremy Welborn, husband of author Gina Welborn.

Gina Welborn is the author of Highland Blessings and Cascade Christmas. She is a regular contributor at Inkwell Inspirations. You may visit her website at

Welcome to Writing to Distraction, Jeremy!

Where did you meet Gina and how love have you been married? 

I met Gina at the Baptist Student Union at Cameron University the year after we both graduated from Cameron. We have been married for 19 years. Our 20th Anniversary will be on July 9, 2013!

Who lives at home with you (children, pets, other)?

We have five children: Matt is 18 and started college this year. Jerah is 15. Jadan is 13. Rhyinn is 9.  Niley is 5. We have a dog named D.O.G. (pronounced dee-ohh-gee) and a rabbit named Hobbit.
Did you know Gina was a writer before you were married?  

No, Gina didn't express any interest in writing until she was pregnant with our third child.

What is your occupation and how long have you been working at that vocation? 

I am currently working with my dad at Welborn Insurance Agency and started selling insurance with him in March of this year. I also serve as Interim Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church in Fletcher, Oklahoma.  Until last year, I had been in full-time vocational ministry for 23 years.

What are a few of your favorite books and authors? (Not including your wife's.)  

My favorite book is the Bible.  I read it more than anything else.  I also read John Eldridge, Andy Stanley, David Platt, and Francis Chan.

Have you ever read any of your wife's books?

If so, do you have a favorite? No, I haven’t read one of her books yet.

Where does Gina write?  

Until we moved, she wrote in her home office. Now, she writes in her makeshift office in our bedroom but I hope to put an office in upstairs for her in the next year.
What does she wear when writing?

Whatever she put on before she started writing!
Is there anything unusual that she ever asks you to do relating to her writing?

Not really.

What activities do the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple? 

Going out to eat, watching movies, activities with the children.

Now, from Gina:

Does your husband write? If so, please tells us about it. 

No, he isn't a writer. A couple months back in one of my writing groups, we were talking about how writers see things differently than non-writers. So as Jeremy and I were driving down to Laredo to help Laurie Alice Eakes and her husband move, I thought I'd put our writer-mindset-theory to the test. "Jeremy, when you look at that tree over there, what do you think?" "It's a tree, unless it's a cool-looking one. Then I'd think it's a cool-looking tree." Suspense writers think who was hung on it. Romance writers think who had their first kiss there. Fantasy writers think how can I bring that tree to life.
As an author, what is something exceptional that you appreciate about your husband relating to his support of your career.

Emotional support is utterly valuable, but the practical part of me says the financial support can make or break whether one keeps writing or not. I wrote for eleven years before I received my first contract. That time included years of membership in RWA, FHL chapter, and ACFW, six conferences, and 20+ contest-entering fees. That's a lot of money to spend with no guarantee of a return in the form of book contracts. There is a joy in seeing Jeremy give selflessly to financially support a dream, a hobby, that could have not had any success. So I utterly appreciate his emotional support, but also the financial one.

Thank you for visiting with us, Jeremy and Gina!

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  1. I enjoyed learning more about Gina and her family in your interview. Nice job. I met Gina Welborn in May via the ACFW eloop after the first round of judging the ACFW Genesis contest, and was a bit confused about my scores. Gina graciously answered my questions, and we started to correspond about writing fiction. She offered to mentor me, which thrilled me no end. Since then she has continued to answer qs and offer advice as I put my first formal proposal together. I appreciate Gina's help and encouragement, and consider her a fine example of a Christian living her faith. May God bless all those who write for Him.

    1. Thank you for sharing that with us, Diane. Gina is a top-notch gal and what a blessing to have her as a mentor!

    2. Diane, I'm determined to help you whip your proposal into shape. You've got a great story. :-)

  2. Good photos too!

    Thanks Carla. Deep inside the underground headquarters in Inktropolis (aka Inkwell Inspirations blog) the scoop on Gina and Jeremy is... just as you see here. I appreciate Jeremy's support of Gina's writing. It's not always easy to see it as anything more than an expensive hobby at times and it requires TIME. Gina does pretty well with a houseful, doesn't she?
    Thanks Jeremy. We appreciate you!

    1. She sure does, Deb! I couldn't really concentrate on my writing until my kids were grown. I don't know how she does it, but she does it WELL!

    2. Deb, you're right in that writing is an expensive hobby and time-consuming. I am very thankful that even when finances were/are tight, he is supportive of my "career."

  3. I love the name D.O.G for a dog!
    Nice interview. Jeremy seems pretty laid back. :)

    1. When we adopted D.O.G., he'd already been named it. I remember thinking, "Hmm, Deeeohgee. I wonder if that's Spanish like Diego." Took child #3 to say, "Duh, Mom, it's D.O.G. as in how you spell dog."

  4. Thanks, Carla, for sharing hubby's interview. I just love that you're doing this for authors and their husbands. Of course, I'm quite delighted you aren't doing Kids Interviews. My children believe in shock and awe.

  5. Jeremy sounds... well... "husband-y"! To-the-point; very supportive! Though he may think of a tree as a tree--I'm sure his solid outlook is very helpful in his line of work.

    A nice contrast to your more inspired view of things, Gina :) And what a lovely clan! Great interview!


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