Friday, October 26, 2012

A Visit with the Huz: the inside scoop on the inside scoop on Carla Olson Gade

I'm starting a new blog series with interviews from some of my author friend's husbands. Here you'll get the inside scoop on her life as an author and their life together as a couple.

In fairness, I'm starting off by interviewing my own husband, Brad.

Brad, thank you for joining us at Writing to Distraction!

Where did you meet Carla and how long have you been married?

We were introduced at Friendly's Ice Cream. We've been married now for 6 years, this time.

(Note from Carla: This is our second marriage to one another. Praise God for second chances. )

Any children, grandchildren, or pets in the family? Who lives at home?

We have 2 boys, 25 & 24 (Justin & Brandon).  2 cats, 10 & 2.  Our cats Rosie and Dasha live with us.

Did you know your wife was a writer before you were married?

She did write poetry, but she was interested in making silk flower arrangements and working with children then. After we had our own children she began writing children's stories.

What is your occupation and how long have you been working at that vocation?

Carpentry, for 20 years.


What are a few of your favorite books and authors? (Not including your wife's.)

Confessions of Augustine, The Left Behind Series (LaHaye/Jenkins), Max Lucado, Frank Perretti, C. S. Lewis, and many more.

Have you ever read any of your wife's books?  If so, do you have a favorite?

I'm reading The Shadow Catcher's Daughter.

Where does Carla write?


What does she wear when writing?


Does she ever brainstorm with you about her plots and characters?


Is there anything unusual that she ever asks you to do relating to her writing?

Not really, it seems usual to me. Sometimes I help her walk through a scene or give her advice about technical things.

What activities do the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple?

Picnics, sightseeing, poking around antique stores.

Now, from Carla:

Does your husband write? If so, please tells us about it. 

Before we were married he wrote me poetry, which I still have and cherish. 

As an author, what is something exceptional that you appreciate about your husband relating to his support of your career.

In addition to being enthusiastic about my writing career, Brad is extremely supportive and helps in many practical ways. He works hard at his job so that I can stay home and write full time. He shops and cooks special meals for me. He puts my office furniture together for me, handles my computer needs and electronic things, and more. He graciously doesn't mind when I need to work long hours and travel. I'm truly blessed.

Carla Olson Gade is the author of The Shadow Catcher's Daughter and Carving a Future/Colonial Courtships.  You may visit her website at


  1. Carla, You and Brad area amazing. Having been around for the restoration of love and then marriage, you both have blessed everyone.

    I am so proud of you and your accomplishments and know that you are doing what God has planned. Love ya Jan

  2. Oh, Carla, FUN interview, my friend!!! You two are a DARLING couple!!


  3. Carla, what a interesting subject for your blog. I don't think any of us could successfully pursue our craft/hobby/dream of writing without the support and encouragement of our family. It's fun to have a window into your writing environs. Blessings to you and Brad.

  4. That was a great interview, different from most interviews you read. I loved it. You and your husband have such a special marriage and praise God for second chances! Brad does great carpentry work and he likes some of my favorite books. May God continue to bless you both and your marriage! Hugs.

  5. What a fun & heart-warming peek into your life. What a joy to know how your marriage was restored, too.


  6. Carla, I think you and your real life hero have one of the most moving love stories ever. These pictures are wonderful and I just love the one of you all with your boys.

    Hope you all are safe and all is well with that storm hammering down. You're in my thoughts and prayers!


  7. What a special interview! I love hearing about your marriage, that it's the second time around and the true, true blessing that God really does give us second chances. What a special testimony of love, faith and of new beginnings.

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