Thursday, September 13, 2012

News from my quill!

I dream that I could write each of my books using a quill pen as they did in colonial times. Or a fountain pen as they did during the 19th century. Instead, I am blessed that I have a computer so the task is less daunting, more efficient and expedious! Now, with  wrist in cast, while recovering from surgery in two areas, I am attempting to use Dragon Naturally Speaking. Those early American writers would have never been able to imagine such a feat!

Today I received my first cover flat for Colonial Courtships and my author copies of the book will arrive any day! Hopefully by Thursday so I can bring it along with The Shadow Catcher's Daughter to a women's conference in Alton Bay, New Hampshire where I'll do my first official book signing. Before my surgery I signed many copies of TSCD and signed labels for Colonial Courtships since it will be difficult to write, though I might manage a few. And I do have some promotional bookmarks to share.

I have a mention on the USA today blog about my book Colonial Courtships which is releasing Oct. 1st! The article was written by the founder of our Colonial American Christian Writers group and the Colonial Quills blog I designed, help facilitate, and contribute to. I'm so proud to be among the group of talented authors who belong to this group and write historical fiction set in the earliest years of our country!


Colonial Courtships is available now for pre-order! 

Christian Book Distributors
Barbour Books
Barnes and Noble

Ooops! Looks like I have a stowaway!


  1. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I can empathize. I broke my elbow, and it took months to regain use of my left hand.

    Cute stowaway!

  2. Hope you're recovery well. Love the stowaway!!
    I love to write with a fountain pen... but not my books. I need the computer for that and don't know how I'd go without it.



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