Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Book Cover

So excited to have received the image for my newest book cover! Pattern for Romance is book #8 in the Abingdon's Quilts of Love series. I'm writing this novel now and it will release in June of 2013! I'm happy to have had the chance to contribute to the cover art. The top image of the quilt I took in a Maine gift shop (incidentally, the same day as the vehicle accident that injured my wrist). I suggested the bottom image as it depicts a Colonial American room. My story takes place in Colonial Boston.


  1. Just beautiful, Carla!! Love that it's a quilt and a bonafide colonial room rather than a woman as that makes it so unique:) You must be over the moon!!!!

  2. That is a great cover! And I love the subtle red, white and blue.

  3. Thank you, Laura and Renee! It's exciting to see the cover. I like the way they did it with the quilt and the room, and the red, white, and blue!


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