Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'd Rather be Writing

I've only been home for a few weeks now and already I'm getting into trouble.  Tonight I ventured into the kitchen to bake 7 dozen cookies that supplied for the Under the Son concert at my church this Saturday. We are expecting about 1,000 people at this outdoor event and the food folks put out a call for 150 dozen cookies. Yikes! I answered the call . . . against my better judgement.

Although I can write HTML and plot stories in my sleep, you should just name me "Keep her out of the kitchen Carla" as I have a ridiculously difficult time managing myself in that dreaded room. But the need was so great I decided to lend a hand this time, even if cooking isn't my forte.  Both my sons are excellent cooks are employed as such, the gift must have skipped a generation. My Mom was a home economics teacher for years (while they still taught that in school). I do have a few specialties. But baking cookies, not so much. I'd rather decorate them.

Emergency call to Mom. "The cookies are flat, they spread out over the whole cookie sheet. Was it because I sifted the flour and it didn't call for that?" What was I thinking? Part of my problem is getting too creative and not sticking with the recipe, which my mother is a stickler for. (Always listen to Mom!) After adding some more flour and then refrigerating the dough I gave it another shot, with almost the same result. My squarish looking cookies didn't look too bad once they were cut away from each other and cooling, but they are not your typical round cookie for sure. At least I didn't burn them . . . not all of them anyway.

As I said, I do have a  handle on a few recipes and I tend to stick to what I know.  My family doesn't have to wonder why I serve them the same foods over and over again (though they never really get the exact same version every time).  But as I tend to shy away from the kitchen and am more comfortable with pen in hand, I have generally learned to decline areas of service where I'm not gifted.  But there are those times that we are compelled to help and I do so with good intentions.  But this exercise reminds me that I do need to stay on task and get back to completing my novella as I'm writing on deadline. And truly, I'd rather be writing!

What are some of your gifts and talents?  Do you stick to the areas where you are gifted or do you serve in any capacity?  How do you feel about that?


  1. Hope the concert is a great event. I don't know why you were stressing over your kitchen expertise, I think baking square cookies was an excellent idea - they are so much easier to stack and pack into containers ;)

  2. I feel stretched in this area. I'm not great with little kids, but I've offered to help out with the little kids at our church (poor kids).

    Those cookies look YUM to me.
    ~ Wendy

  3. hahaha...can I ever relate to this post. I am not a kitchen person....I'd actually rather clean the church bathrooms than work in the kitchen, but sometimes, like you, I feel like I need to contribute in the baking area. The last time I signed up for muffins I ended up buying them at the store!
    Yes, I'd rather be writing!

  4. Enjoy the concert and I hope it goes well :D

    I have learned the hard way to say "no" to those things that I'm not good at, but, like you, there are times when I feel compelled to help out!

    Square cookies aren't all bad. They're differen and unique! Besides, they'll stand out and are much easier to arrange on a platter :D


  5. You wrote this for me! I am forcing myself to pick up scrapbooking again to develop my right brain! Not too creative, but I'm learning!

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