Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Bend in the Road

Silverton, Colorado.  A scene like one found in
The Shadow Catcher's Daughter.

After many years of trekking through the wilderness climbing toward the goal of publication I at last found myself reaching the summit. My debut novel was set to release in January 2012. Many of you have heard the announcement that came last week that Barbour Publishing's Heartsong Presents line is closing December 2011. Yes, my first book was set to release the following month.

Heartsong Presents operated its line for twenty years and almost 1,000 books, blessing many readers and authors alike. So the news shot through the internet world like wildfire. I received this news directly from my publisher while I was finishing up the content revisions that they sent me and had to press on because those of us who were under contract were asked to do so. Although they will not print my single title, they may publish it in e-book format and/or as an anthology with the two other books in the series (Love in Four Corners), but that will not be at least until 2013 and there is no guarantee.

Naturally, I am very disappointed that The Shadow Catcher's Daughter has hit this road block. But I prefer to think of it as a bend in the road.  As I continue to press on to completion (copy edits, etc.) with an uncertain destination, I'm reminded of the many times that I've had to keep moving forward under similar circumstances. If I allow my doubts and fears and other discouraging thoughts to assail me I have no chance of discovery along the path nor the potential opportunity that may await. I believe there is a plan for this book and the timing has been at God's discretion all along. So, I'm going to trust him for it. And even though I cannot see what is around the corner, I know I am on the right path. I'll continue on this journey through the struggles and the joys. 

I do look forward to May 2012 when Carving a Future, my novella in Colonial Courtships will be released. So my debut, although not a full novel, will come a little later. As for now I am busy writing the novella and getting a few proposals ready to submit. Moving forward with hope not in my expectation, but in God's plan.

"In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps."
Proverbs 19:9


  1. Oh dear! I am sorry to hear that the publisher is closing this line. The world of traditional publishing is truly being shaken up right now.

    I've spent the past year reading "books by local authors" and this year am hoping to branch out to "books by bloggers I read" so I will look forward to "The Shadow Catcher s Daughter" when the time comes - and await "Carving a Future" in the spring.

  2. Carla, how disappointing--for you and for those of us who've enjoyed the Heartsong books. I was looking forward to reading yours. Hopefully it will still be published some day.

  3. Carla, this is disappointing news, of course. I wish the publisher could have finished out all its contracted authors, including you! I'll be praying for you, and for The Shadow Catcher's Daughter. May God continue to prepare your heart for the next bend in the road. I'm praying it's a joyful one.

  4. Oh, Carla, how difficult this must be. Surely the lows of the publishing journey don't get any easier.

    But I love your affirmation that the Lord has everything under control. He is SOVEREIGN! And He is reigning and ruling and there is a perfect time for everything in Him. So be encouraged. All things in His time.

  5. Carla, though this is a set back, I know God will open another door. :)

    God bless and keep you,

  6. Carla, I truly see this as a continuing trend with the ebooks so maybe look at it as you will be on the cutting edge with one of the new HS ebook line! Other friends with a debut book in secular fiction are coming out in ebook first and a paperback later. God works all things together for His good and I will be looking forward to your blog about how he blessed you when you get around this corner!!

  7. Carla, I didn't realize this as I've been away as you know. But your Scripture at the end of your post says so much. We think we know where we're going but God oftentimes has a better way and if we wait we'll see how much of a blessing is hidden there in the end. Thanks for the reminder that He works all things for our good. I know He has wonderful things in store for you!!

  8. What a beautiful attitude you have, Carla. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of trusting your King!

  9. Carla - Thanks so much for stopping by to visit at The Writer's Reverie - and enjoying yourself enough to "follow" along! I am loving what you're doing here on your blog - and sharing your disappointment at Barbour closing the publishing arm that would have carried you onto the bookshelves. I expect to see a bit more of that. My husband has been in bookselling for over thirty years. He's with Barnes and Noble now - a different animal than the independent bookstores he knew so well - quickly passing away. Corporate made a decision this year to start putting all their eggs into the Nook basket - e-books are the wave of the future and B&N wants to be leading the pack. This affects the entire industry as Amazon is also an e-reading giant - and it seems everyone is coming out with their versions.

    Hold fast to the vision God has given you for His Story and you will find the avenue to deliver it. I have my own "bend in the road" and "mountain" to face with some career changes and shift in my writing focus this year. As I read through your last two posts, it would appear we're sharing "Streams in the Desert" and moving forward - ever forward. May your rains be drenched in blessing on the ascent!

    Kathryn Ross


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