Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lucy Writes a Novel

"A writer's words are sacred." - Lucy Ricardo

Here's something that really tickled my funny bone! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I love Lucy!

Lucy takes it upon herself to write a novel titled "Real Gone With the Wind." Ricky, Fred , and Ethel are none too pleased to find that Lucy has based her main characters on them ("Nicky Nicardo," "Ethel Nurtz," "Fred Nurtz").  They try to burn the manuscript, to no avail. Then, much to everyone's amazement, a publisher evinces interest in Lucy's masterpiece ~ or at least that's how it seems to the euphoric Lucy. However, things don't quite turn out as expected.



Ethel: What are you writing about?
Lucy: I’m writing about things I know.
Ethel: That won’t be a novel that will be a short story.

Ethel: [Fred enters] Why don’t you find out what makes him tick?  He creaks a little, too.

Lucy: Ricky, that’s what writers do.  They take the truth and twist it a little.
Fred: Well, if your novel doesn’t sell, you can always get a job making pretzels.


  1. Oh, Carla, you've made me so nostalgic! I enjoyed this episode, although I only watched the first half.

    Susan :)

  2. I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I remember this episode. It brings back so many good memories. :)

  3. Susan mentioned this on her blog and I had to settle in to watch the whole thing! I grew up watching Lucy, too, and always giggled at her exaggerated antics. The not-so-funny thing about this episode is how close it comes to the reality of a novice writer's naive dreams and expectation -- that not everyone who desires publication has the skill necessary to achieve it. I think there's probably a little place in all of us that can sympathize with Lucy.

  4. Good memories indeed. Yes, I too was struck by how similar this spin on Lucy's novel writing antics relates so well to aspiring authors. I laughed my head off!!


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