Monday, April 18, 2011

Colonial Fiction: Patriot's Day

Today, in honor of Patriot's Day I'd like to talk a little bit about the growing genre of Colonial Fiction. Often times the novels I'm working on play out like a movie in my head.  And like many novelists, I like to imagine what it would have been like to be transported to that historical time and place to see what it was like then and imagine my characters there.

I went online to see if I could find some video of historical reenacting events in honor of Patriot's Day and found these that were uploaded within moments of my search. It made me wish I could be there.  Seeing these scenes takes me back to a former time and spurs my imagination! 

The true history of colonial times (1607-1750) is a tremendous inspiration for fiction.  We discuss this growing genre on the Colonial Fiction Writers email loop that I belong to.  It is becoming an ever popular sub-genre of historical fiction, I believe, because of the times we are living in today cause us to reflect on our great nation's past. It's beginnings. Looking to the past to gain perspectives on the present, and future. During trying times we tend to become nostalgic.

As for me, I enjoy looking to the past partly because my ancestors played a significant role in our country as some of the first settlers in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. My current work, for which I'm writing a proposal takes place in colonial Massachusetts. Next May, my second book, Carving a Future will be out in a 4-in-1 collection entitled Colonial Courtships.

And I love to read colonial fiction so here is a list of some of the great books from this intriguing era!

Early American Inspirational Fiction: (updated 4/24)

Mark Ammerman - Cross and Tomahawk series, 1750’s (2005. River Oak)
Barbara Blythe - Fire Dragon's Angel, 1676  (2010, White Rose)
T. Davis Bunn, Isabella Bunn - Heirs of Acadia series (2005, Bethany)
T. Davis Bunn, Janette Oke - Song of Acadia series (2002, Bethany)
Jamie CarieThe Duchess and the Dragon, early 1800’s (2008, B & H); Wind Dancer, (2010, B & H); Angel’s Den, 1808, (2008, B & H)
Carla Capshaw - The Duke's Redemption (2010, Steeple Hill)
Dorothy Clark - Beauty for Ashes, 1820 Philadelphia (2004, Steeple Hill); Joy for Mourning, 1822 Philadelphia (2005, Steeple Hill)
Elaine Cooper - Road to Deer Run (2010, iUniverse)
Dianna Crawford - The Reardon Brothers series (2002, Tyndale), Reardon Valley series (2003, Tyndale)
Susan Page Davis - Return to Love, A New Joy, Abiding Peace (White Mountain Brides), 1689-1696 New Hampshire (2009, Barbour), The Prisoner's Wife (2008, Barbour)
Lena Nelson Dooley - Pirates Prize (2006, Barbour), 1805 Spanish West Florida
Laurie Alice Eakes - The Glassblower (2009, Barbour), Lady in the Mist (2011, Revell)
Darlene Franklin - Beacon of Love, 1815 Rhode Island (2009, Barbour), The Prodigal Patriot, 1816 Vermont (2010, Barbour), Bridge to Love, 1777 Vermont (2010, Barbour)
Laura Frantz - The Frontiersman’s Daughter (2009, Revell), Courting Morrow Little (2010, Revell)
April Gardner - Wounded Spirits, 1813 Mississippi Territory (2010, Vinspire)
Rita Gerlach - Surrender the Wind (2009, Abingdon)
Deeanne Gist - A Bride Most Begrudging, 1643 (2005, Bethany)
Louise M. Gouge - Thine Enemy, 1775 East Florida Colony (2009, Steeple Hill); The Captain's Lady, 1776 (2010, Steeple Hill), At the Captain's Command (2011, Steeple Hill)
J.M. Hochstetler - Daughter of Liberty (2004); Native Son (2005); Wind of the Spirit, 1770’s Ohio Territory (American Patriot series) (2009)
Gloria Waldron Hukle Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple, Threads: An American Tapestry, 16th/17th century New York (2009, Author House)
Angela Elwell Hunt - Keepers of the Ring series (2000)
Amber StocktonPromises, Promises; Quills & Promises; Deceptive Promises (Liberty's Promise), 1739-1774 Pennsylvania (2008, Barbour)
Kathleen Kent - The Heretic's Daughter, 1695 Massachusetts Bay Colony (2008, Reagan Arthur); Wolves of Andover, 1600’s Massachusetts Bay Colony (2010, Reagan Arthur)
Susan Meissner -The Shape of Mercy, subplot 1692 Massachusetts Bay Colony (2008, Wa terbrook)
Siri Mitchell - Love's Pursuit, 1640’s Massachusetts Bay Colony (2009)
Gilbert MorrisHouse of Winslow series, 1620-1798 (1990, Bethany); The Liberty Bell series (2000, Bethany); Spirit of Appalachia series (2002, Bethany)
Nancy Moser - Washington's Lady, 1770’s (2008, Bethany)
Golden Keyes Parsons - Where Hearts are Free (2010, Thomas Nelson)
Marlo Schalesky - The Winds of Freedom series (2001)
Kay Marshall Strom - The Triumph of Grace (book 3, Grace in Africa trilogy), 1793 South Carolina (2011, Abingdon)
Mary Lu Tyndall The Red Siren, The Blue Enchantress, The Raven Saint (Charles Towne Belles trilogy) (2010, Barbour); Surrender the Heart, 1810 Baltimore (2010, Barbour); Surrender the Night, 1812 Baltimore (2011, Barbour)

Forthcoming -

Rosslyn ElliottFairer than Morning (Sadler’s Legacy trilogy), 1825 Ohio and Pennsylvania (5/11, Thomas Nelson)
Laura Frantz - The Colonial's Lady, 1779 Kentucky (8/11, Revell)
Mary Lu Tyndall - Surrender the Dawn (Surrender to Destiny trilogy), 1814 Baltimore (8/11, Barbour)
Margaret Daley - From This Day Forward , 1816 Charleston (9/11, Summerside)
Roseanna White - Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland (12/11, Summerside)

Eakes/Griffin/Taylor/Welborn - Highland Crossings, 1740-1815 North Carolina (1/12)
Jennifer Hudson Taylor -
New Garden's Hope (Quakers of New Garden novella), 1808 Greensborough, NC (2/12)
Siri Mitchell - The Messenger, 1778 Philadelphia (2012)
Eakes/Gade/Stockton/Richardson - Colonial Courtships, 1752-62 Connecticut River (5/12)
MaryLu TyndallVeil of Pearls, 1811 Charleston (6/12)
Laura Frantz - The Ballantyne Legacy, book 1, 1785 Pennsylvania (9/12, Revell)

Jennifer Hudson Taylor - The Forbidden Conquest (9/13) Scotland to the Carolinas 1760; The War Woman (2/14) North Carolina 1780; Imperfect Pieces (9/14) Lake Erie, Ohio 1813

Can you add to this list of Colonial Fiction? What are some of your favorite colonial reads?


  1. I love the colonial time period, especially the Revolutionary War.

  2. Carla,

    Thank you so much for this post for Patriot's Day, and thank you for adding my novel to the list of Colonial fiction, 'Surrender the Wind'.

    Rita Gerlach

  3. Great list! Have read some of these and a few others are on my TBR pile. Can't wait to read your book!

  4. Just popping in to say I too love Colonial times stories. I've read several of the books listed here. The Patriot with Mel Gibson is one of my favorite movies. I watched it last summer to gain inspiration for a blog article I wrote.
    I'm looking forward to reading Colonial Courtships.

  5. Carla, I love the colonial period, too. I'm from Connecticut, went to college in Massachusetts and lived in Vermont for 20 years. So I'm a Yankee even though I now live in Florida.

    Some of my ancestors came from England on the Mayflower and the Winthrope fleet in the 1630s. It's so interesting to read about how they lived during those days.

  6. Carla, It's so neat to see all the offerings here. Thanks so much for including mine. That means so much! Yours will be amongst them so very soon! And I have a litle gift for you when that happens, if I can refrain from sending it to you before;)

  7. Oh Bless you, Carla! I am going to get this info to Joyce as a link! Wonderful article and thanks so much for listing the many wonderful colonial books out there.

  8. Hi Carla--

    Thank you for presenting all these great books and this post for Patriots' Day! Great presentation! Blessings!

  9. Carla, my favorites to read are historical. I hope to one day write the stories too.

  10. Hi Margaret, the Revolutionary War sets a great stage for action and adventure, and dare I say romance! Thanks for stopping by today!

  11. A pleasure, Rita, to add Surrender the Wind to the list! Looking forward to your next heart-stirring novel.

  12. Thanks, Karen! I do hope you'll like my book Colonial Courtships! The colonial TBR pile is certainly growing.

  13. Hi Toni, I'm glad that you, too, are looking forward to Colonial Courtships. There are so many great colonial historicals now that have really inspired me. And like you said, The Patriot is certainly one of those stories!

  14. Hi Cara Lynn, a fellow Yankee! Doesn't matter where you live now, once a Yankee, always a Yankee. I also have some ancestors who came on the Mayflower and on the William and Mary in 1630. You may have already guessed we'd have that in common. It's so fascinating to read about those times. I love the colonial period, but I also enjoy the 19th century and am looking forward to reading your novels set in the gilded age. Thanks for coming by.

  15. Laura, the list would not be complete without your novels! Your books truly have brought me to a new level of appreciation of historical research and love of the era. And it means much to me that you are looking forward to reading my books. You are such an encouraging friend...and full of surprises I might add! I can hardly wait!

  16. Sonia, I'm glad to have a kindred heart with you in many respects including love of historicals. I would love to read a story you have written some day! Oh, please do!

  17. Fantastic, Carrie! I'm so glad the list was a help. I finally surveyed my overloaded bookshelves and found all my colonials, though I may have some out on loan. Isn't it exciting to be writing such a great genre? Bless you for all you do with the colonial writers group.

  18. So glad you enjoyed the Patriot's Day post, Pat. Nice to see you here as always. I hope others will enjoy your blogs, too.

  19. What a great list, Carla, and like others, I'm truly honored you included my books in that list. My "Liberty's Promise" series was among my favorite to write so far. Right now, I'm returning to Delaware with my current series, only it's set in the Gilded Age.

    And I'm looking forward to teaming up with you on Colonial Courtships. It's going to be 4 great books in one collection. Shame it won't be out for another year. :)

    But for some other titles set in the Colonial era:

    Pennsylvania - Kay Cornelius (4 novels in a collection)
    Song of Acadia series - Janette Oke
    Spirit of Appalachia series - Gilbert Morris
    Liberty Bell series - Gilbert Morris
    Keepers of the Ring series - Angela Elwell Hunt

    There are more, but those are the only ones that come to mind.

    Great post!

  20. Tiff, thanks for sharing these other books. I'll certainly add them to the list. I was glad to include Liberty's Promise and next year will be excited to add our Colonial Courtships to the list. I'm very excited to be working on that project with you!

  21. Wow, Carla, I can't think of anything to add to that list that's set in the US (I can think of a couple European settings though). But now I'm looking at a few of these books and wanting to read them.

    Oh wait, I did think of a couple. At the Captain's command (Louise Gouge's newest book). And The Duchess and the Dragon by Jamie Carie.

  22. Hi Naomi, it was tempting for me to include other books in the same time period, Acadia and Euroupe, but I'm keeping it to American Colonials. I'm so glad you mentioned Jamie's book The Duchess and the Dragon and happy that it spans two continents. I already included At the Captain's Command and am looking forward to reading it since I just finished Louise's previous book last week. Great stuff! Glad you came by!

  23. Great post, Carla, and thank you for including my books too. One of my favorites is an old one--Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts. Fantastic story! He also wrote Arundel and Rabble in Arms, which I intend to read when I can carve out some time.

  24. Glad you came by, Joan. Thank you for mentioning Kenneth Robert's Northwest Passage. I looked it up and it sounds like a fantastic true to life tale.

  25. I love the Colonial era and I'm so happy when it's spotlighted. Please add my book, The Duke's Redemption, to your list.

  26. Hi Carla, Thank you so much for mentioning your book The Duke's Redemption. I'll add it to our great list of colonial's right away. Sorry I missed it. It looks like quite a tale!

  27. Hi Carla,
    We just got back from our reenactment weekend. It was great, and I now have some photos on my blog, with more to come.
    Adam is NOT pictured in the youtube video you have here. His regiment, the 4th of foot, wear black helmets with red plumes. They were there of course, but not in this clip, which I believe is of LAST YEAR'S event.

    Also, these films were of the 'Battle Road' event---The PATRIOT'S DAY reenactment is the BATTLE OF LEXINGTON on Monday. That was Hartwell Tavern in the background, and that event is always the Saturday before Patriot's Day on Monday.

  28. Carla-Thanks for including "Threads An American Tapestry" which is second in the Waldron Series Novels. Readers/Historians may enjoy my website -especially the section LORE which is filled with docs and snips of very old history I used to create my novels.

  29. Mary, so glad you had a wonderful trip! What a fascinating way to celebrate Patriot's Day. Thank you for correcting me on the video.

  30. Hi Gloria, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was happy to add you to the list, and I've added Manhattan as well. Fellow author friend J. M. Hochstetler has family origins in New York as well! I hope you two can connect!


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