Friday, March 25, 2011

Mainely Me

Today I just thought I'd share a little stuff about life with me here in Maine. Spring is trying ever so hard to show itself. Even as the snow melts, more is still falling. It usually takes a while before springtime arrives. They say Maine has 5 season, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Mud. We are deep in mud season now and I've been trying to muddle through with an increase in my migraines and daily nausea. But I'm finding some nice things to enjoy and celebrate. My stepdaughter from my previous marriage had a new baby girl last week. My niece turned 14 a few days ago. And yesterday my oldest son, Justin, turned 24 and in 2 short months our other son, Brandon, will be 23. I'm suddenly feeling very old, although I'm still 49 and holding.

Right before we left town to go our for Justin's birthday dinner he noticed deer in the field behind our house. They were grazing where the snow had melted. I'm sure they came out to graze since no doubt little food was available to them during our long snowy winter. My heart raced with excitement since I love to photograph wildlife when I can catch a glimpse. We used to have a huge heard run behind the house we lived at a few years ago and I used to snap photos right from my office window. Today I ran to my bedroom in the back of the house and took some pics right from there. I think the one in the center is a young antlerless buck. I got the does to perk up by intentionally making a little noise. Other than that I've learned to remain very still and quiet on my indoor photo hunts.

Yes, now I'm sure of it. An antlerless buck. That's how I tend to think of my sons. They are young men now. Finding their way in the wilderness of life. And quite bravely I might add.

But how did they go from this . . . to this, so quickly?

We enjoyed a nice birthday Chinese buffet and then my sons spent the remainder of the evening together with friends. Since we had to leave our home in the boonies to get to this restaurant, near the only decent shopping area around, my husband, mom, and I made our way over to Barnes and Noble. In the Christian section I spied many of my favorite author friends books! Laura Frantz's The Frontiersman's Daughter was there, as was Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes right in the vacinity of where my published book will belong someday. I found that my book will be displayed alphabetically right beside Ann Gabhart and just before Deeanne Gist.  What can I say? I just couldn't resist checking!

Back to the mainstream book area. I can now confirm with all certainty that there indeed is NOTHING new under the sun. My great "original idea" that I'll be submitting a proposal for in just a few months almost jumped off the shelves at me. My heart sank. Seriously. Who writes fiction about lobsters in Maine? When I read the back copy I discovered that even the heroine had the same last name as mine! Astonished, I informed my mom and husband that the author must have used the same research sources as I to come up with that name. Well, I'm still going forward with my idea since mine is a historical romance and the other is a contemporary novel. But if my book sells and I meet up with the author for a book signing at The Maine Lobster Festival I'll have a claw to pick with her. Jesting, you know. Even so, we had a great time looking at new titles, talking books, oohing and ahhing at the beautiful covers, and maybe even getting a little inspiration.

So that's what's going on in my neck of the woods.  How are things where you are?


  1. I love the view from your window, Carla. Nice shot of those deer.

    Your sons are very handsome. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with us, and I hope those migraines settle down soon. Do you think it had anything to do with that super moon, because during the week leading up to that I had three migraines, which is more than I usually have in a month.

    Sounds like your books will fall in a good spot on the shelves. I confess, I've checked to see where mine might fall at various times over the past years. Can't recall now what authors would be shelf buddies, but how can one resist looking?

    Much mud here too. Rain, rain, rain.

  2. Carla, Love this glimpse of your life and your handsome men:) They remind me so much of Wyatt and Paul as the age difference looks the same. Enjoy that beautiful backyard and deer!

    I'd never thought of it before but since I'm usually sharing the shelf with Ann Gabhart that means you'll be close to me:) Thanks for letting me know TFD is still out there...

    Not long before TFD released, another CBA author wrote a similar book and I was heartsick. Then I read it and realized no two people tell the story the same way. Since then when I see my ideas come to life in other books I don't panic for that reason. But it does shake one up a bit!

    Your blog is such a welcoming place, Carla. Bless you.

  3. Oh my goodness - those pictures FREAK me out! My son is right around the age of your boys in their "little" picture and it's already gone so so so fast!

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your life today, Carla. :)

  4. Mainely Me. I love it.

    Of all the things I treasure about growing up in Maine, I don't miss muddy March at all. I much prefer March in Oklahoma, when the trees all burst with blooms. Dogwoods and Redwoods and even my lilac bushes.

    Come July, however . . .

  5. Thanks, Lori. I just love it when the deer come so close. And thanks for the compliment on my boys. They do look much like their dad, and my brother.

    Super moon migraines. It never occurred to me. Last weekend was horrible!!! It just might be so. So that you've also been suffering more with them as well.

    Shelf buddies! Like that. Someday you'll be in the shelf right above me!

  6. I'm glad you enjoy visiting here, Laura, as I always look forward to seeing you. Yes, you were in the shelf right above Ann. It will be an honor to share shelf space with you someday, at least I'm hoping. Seeing that book was a little disheartening, but like you said no two people can tell the same story. She had an imaginary town and mine is very centered on the historical town.

  7. Katie, yes, it really does fly by! My boys are about 3 and 4 in that "little" pic. The current one is 20 years later. I still cherish every moment, every stage, even as Laura is enjoying her boys age. Boys are so much fun as you know, and they still are.

  8. Hi Darlene! Yes, muddy March, I'm sure you can do without! So glad you get to enjoy the beautiful blooms you have now. Springtime must be very pleasant there, enjoy it before the heat comes.

  9. Such a lovely post Carla. Just stopping by to say hello. My son just turned 16 and I can hardly believe it myself. Time really does go by quickly. You have two lovely sons. Blessings of the Lord on them and I pray for complete healing and deliverance for you from your migraines. Healing is yours, rightfully, as a child of God. Don't tolerate it.


  10. Thank you so much, Vickie. You are such a blessing and an inspiration!


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