Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Story...

The Lord will work out His plans for my Life. Psalm 138:8

I received a package the other day from my sister-in-law. A precious bit of sunshine from Florida to Maine. When I began to open the surprise package I had no idea how it would warm my heart. Enclosed was this journal with a beautiful letter congratulating me on my book contracts. The verse is so perfect and I have to tell you how the letter brought me tears of joy. She shared how she has seen me endure sacrifices and winding roads, the valleys and the mountains, dead ends and how by following God He has worked out His plan for me. How precious to hear the heartfelt words as she shared her wishes, prayers, and love for me, her brother and our sons.

My brother has shared his congratulations not only with warm and affirming words, but in his own special way with this t-shirt ... Gotta love it!

It is a true blessing indeed to have the support of those dear to us. To hear the words "I proud of you."And to know the Lord has a story, a plan for our lives, when we trust in Him! I hope you, too, will always keep that thought, that truth, close to your heart.

Today I'm going to be featured at Keli Gwyn's blog, Romance Writers on a Journey. She interviewed me once before and now will ask me about my first sale!  I invite you to join us there to read my story about how I got contracted. Commenters will be eligible to win a copy of my forthcoming releases!  See you there!

Saturday Special:  Carla Olson Gade Sold!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special times

This is Cody, my Mom's faithful companion (Cocker-Golden).

Sorry that I disappeared on you again. I had a few horrendous days of website work that I had to tend to. Two complex medical sites at once! Everything else had to come to a screeching halt. And then I spent the weekend with my Mom and her doggie, Cody. Last week was a tough one for my Mom with her first Valentine's Day alone without my step-Dad. Then Saturday was  their anniversary (it would have been 34 years). Sunday was marked 6 months since Dad went to Heaven.

I didn't want her to be alone so we had a girl's weekend. I brought her some pretty pink tulips and we watched movies and went out to eat twice!

So again, sorry for being MIA, especially in the midst of my Valentine's giveaway which I'm extending  to this Sunday. All commenters get a chance to win a journal and chocolate. There will be 2 winners!

I'm going back to Mom's this afternoon and spend another couple of days with her. She will be joining me on a research trip to the Kittery, Maine area.  She lives about 1 1/2 hrs south from me, and our destination is about another 1 1/2 hrs further south. I'm so excited because our day trip will include genealogy research AND writing research.  A book that I hope to write someday involves some of my ancestors who were famous first settlers of Maine. In the evening we will be going to a presentation sponsored by the S. Berwick historical society, "Dressing a Colonial Lady" with historical reenactor Mary Spencer.  And I plan to tell you all about it!

My Mom's been busy taking inventory of all her novels, creating spreadsheets and such. She reads as much as I do and we often share books. It's rather fun having a friend to discuss novels with! She's thinking of selling some of them on ebay. I used to do that to earn new book money, but lately I just keep stacking my shelves.

P.S. The first one to name that novel (face up) that's in the dog picture above you get an extra entry in my giveaway!

What do you do with the books you've read? Do you keep them, share them, sell them?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine from above!

Happy Valentine's Day to my blogging and facebook friends!! I just had to tell you about the sweet treat I received today! My heart is overflowing.

I mentioned that my second contract was on its way and I received it today, on Valentine's Day! But not only that, there was a small error in my other contract regarding my legal name and pen name, so I needed to re-sign the first contract. I received them both today in my email inbox and printed them off and signed them immediately. It was a double blessing to hold two contracts (one for each of my books) in my hands at the same time. I almost keeled over from the excitement! 

This was quite a special treat for me this Valentine's Day. I count it as a special gift from my Heavenly Father, the Lover of my Soul.  He sure knows how to romance this writer's heart.

To celebrate here's a little chocolate shaped like a book. I  hear chocolate is good for the heart. Oh, that's dark chocolate? Well, I know from personal experience that milk chocolate is just as good for any gal's heart! Enjoy!

Chocolate Book available in mass quantities at Choconet.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing Historical Romance: Historical Accuracy

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd share a some posts this week about writing historical romance. So be sure to come by again and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY (see above). To write romance with historical accuracy requires a good knowledge of certain elements that will be woven into your story. I've listed some guidelines that I use to help keep my writing on track in this regard with a few examples included in the bullet points.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Official: First Book Contract

The moment that I've been waiting for finally arrived, I received my very first book contract. This contract is for my novella Carving a Future in Colonial Courtships which will be released in May 2012.  It took me days to get up the courage to finally sign the thing believe it or not. I was so thrilled to get it, but it was such an important moment for me I was a bundle of nerves. Silly, I know.

Although I had the news of two promised contracts, I was reserving my full celebration until I had paper in hand. And my second contract, for The Shadow Catcher's Daughter (releasing Jan. 2012), is in the mail . Exciting times!

To celebrate my officially becoming a published author my husband took me out to eat to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  It was a fun evening venturing out in big snow storm. He also got me an external hard drive for my computer. Much needed. It's pretty and practical!

This is a wonderful season in my life. I'm doubly blessed! The Shadow Catcher's Daughter is complete and I will soon get the editor's revisions. But the real work is ahead...I need to finish writing Carving a Future. One chapter down, about nine more to go!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bears, Blizzards, and Books

Thank you all for BEARing with me during my busy January. During this time I've done a lot of writing—two new colonial era pieces—and website design—two medical websites in HTML. I thought of you all often and am excited to sharing some of news now that I'm coming out of my hibernation.

As with many places around the country, Maine has been bombarded with so much snow. We had another double BLIZZARD this week. Today, as always, the day after a storm, it is beautiful with blue skies and the sun is glittering off the snow like tiny diamonds! I've been snuggly and warm in my writing room. My fingers and my keyboard have a fine tuned relationship and are almost one I fear.

I submitted the first BOOK proposal that I ever prepared by myself after gathering a group of authors for a novella collection. I sent this off January 11th and in record time—January 30th—I was notified that Colonial Courtships had sold! My collaborators on this project are Laurie Alice Eakes, Amber Stockton, and Lisa Karon Richardson. This makes TWO books that I'll have released in 2012 with Barbour Publishing. I'm doubly blessed! My debut novel, The Shadow Catcher's Daughter, will be released in January and now Carving a Future will be released in May. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it!

Again, my dear blogging buddies, thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers that have supported and encouraged me during my busy season.

"Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath,
for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me."
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh