Monday, July 26, 2010

Where I am

Where can you find me in my quest to finish my novel by September 15th? . . . Writing to distraction, of course.

I've written 15,000 new words in the past few weeks and I've crossed the half-way mark in my novel. That puts me in the southwest at a stagecoach relay station somewhere between Del Norte and Lake City, right after a runaway stage scene.  And after a few "non-kiss" scenes, I just wrote the first kiss!

As I write, submit my new chapters for critique, edit, revise, and write some more I still have other responsibilities that include: working a 12 hr/wk job, some freelance website work, facilitating my church's email prayer chain, creating marketing materials for a women's conference in the fall (check), and coordinating my writers group's conference coming up in August. I wouldn't have planned it this way, but sometimes things just come at you all at once and you just have to punt.

Needless to say, things around me at home are piling up. Although my family is being very patient, encouraging, and helpful. But, my three men in the house all work full-time, plus. So, life is what it is right now. Oh, well. I am grateful they regularly make meals - thank goodness, since they want to eat!

So beneath the mountains of laundry, the dirty dishes, and unmade beds is an exhausted author in distress, having one of the most remarkable times of her life!

P.S. Please tell that maid in the picture that she can stop over at my house any time.

Where are you right now? Enjoying your summer I hope!


  1. Hi Carla -

    Everything does seem to happen at once, doesn't it? Who knew that I'd break a tooth and have to spend so much time at the dentist? Who knew I'd be writing an expanded synopsis and preparing for a writers' conference?

    Housework? It's occasional at the moment.

    Susan :)

  2. Writing a lot with the laundry piling up, sounds like me at the moment!


  3. Great progress! Keep up the good work. :O)

  4. Oh my goodness, you are one busy woman. I'll keep you in prayer. I'm feeling like things are piling up too as we're starting homeschooling for the year. I'm so excited about your manuscript!

  5. Yay for first kiss scenes! I wrote one recently too.

    You are pushing right along with this, Carla. It's great to see. :)

  6. Where am I? hmmm....I'm catching up on laundry that piled up during camp meeting, trying not to look at the weeds that have taken over my garden, trying to get more songs uploaded to my music blog, helping mu husband renovate a house, oh, and catching up on blogs
    Writing? maybe in the fall!

  7. Late!
    I'm supposed to be deep in the woodland, with my son - very domesticated woodland, more walk/less hike ;)

  8. Bless your heart! Sounds more like you have a 24/7 job when you figure in all of the time spent on each of the things you just posted about.
    I'm blessed just reading your blog, by the way. It helps me realize that I am not the only one with challenges in the schedule.
    Where am I? Working 40 hours/week in my job as an Admissions nurse, trying to guide my children to thier various summertime activities and spending days off at doctors' appointments as we gear up for school physicals and my mother's cardiac procedure tomorrow. :(

  9. I've been in the snowball stage for, oh, 3 years now. There are brief respites where I can actually focus on writing, but they are few and far between. I am SO glad that writing is PART of your snowball! You go, Carla! Get. That. Story, FINISHED! (I want a copy!!!!)

  10. Hi Carla,

    My daughter and I came home from the August Conference inspired about blogging. Tonight she watched over my shoulder as I published my first scantly clothed entry. My daughter starts 6th grade Monday, so I've reigned in on the settings of my blog to give myself time to learn how to operate the features.

    I've enjoyed visiting,


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