Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogging is a Blessing

I'd like to introduce you someone very dear to me, my cousin, Lynne.  Lynne is just a couple of years younger than me and we are not only cousins, but kindred spirits.

When Lynne was just a teenager she developed Lupus and has lived heroically with this disease, though she would never say so. Overcoming great odds, on many occasions doctors have called her "the miracle girl".  She lives by the grace of the Great Physician who she relies on evermore since she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year. Lest you think Lynne's chronic health problems are what define her, nay, she is a devout follower of Christ, an inspiration to many, generously shares her gift of encouragement, has a servant's heart, and is a talented poet.  'Nough said, lest she blush!

. . . but can she cook?  Lynne has recently entered the blogosphere with her new blog Lynne's Favorite Recipes!  For those of you who are looking for quick, easy, and delicious recipes you are in for a real treat. I can assure you that good cooking runs in the family - though I am slightly deficient in this area :) .

Lynne has found great comfort in writing through the years and is also sharing these words through her poetry blog.

Patterson Poetry features hundreds of her original poems and the poetry of those who would like to contribute to her blog.  You will also find some great inspirational poems, prose, songs, and quotes of some of the great Christian poets of time, whom she highlights by introduction and sharing examples of their work.

Lynne encourages others to interact by commenting on posts and submitting Christian poetry to the blog. Patterson Poetry is featuring a POETRY CONTEST and invites you all to to enter by contributing your original poetry by June 30, 2010. For details please visit her blog.

I'll leave you with this inspiring poem written by Lynne and encourage you to visit her blogs to get to know her better and be blessed through her tasty recipes and lovely words of faith and hope.

I met with a King to begin my day,
To help me not to go astray.
Although I did not see His face,
I know all about His character and grace.
He led me through the morning rain,
And carried me through the storms to train.
His voice was so gentle, yet full of power!
I heard Him speaking to me every hour.
I met with a King again at noon.
I was so glad He came to commune.
I told Him my deep concerns and cares
As He took them on Himself to bear.
He gave me such joy and inner peace;
To be near Him, my worries were released.
I met with a King again at sunset.
He calmed my mind, when I would fret.
Although He was royalty and the Savior as well,
He let me come by His side to dwell.
I met with a King as the evening did end.
This King of Kings is my very best friend.
He is full of humility in spite of His reign,
And died for sinners, even though there was shame.
I cherish His love, and He lives in my heart,
Forever to stay and to never depart!

by Lynne Patterson


  1. Wonderful, Carla! Lynne sounds like a remarkable, Spirit-filled person. I know you are a blessing, each to the other. Am off to check on her blogs. Bless you both.

  2. Great to meet you Lynne! Praying for His continues strength and help. Your writing is beautiful! :O)

  3. Hi Carla -

    I admire Lynne for not allowing her physical ills to hamper her creativity. I'll have to check out her site.

    Susan :)

  4. She sounds lovely!

    I am wishing her the very best.

  5. Thank you all for welcoming Lynne and visiting her blogs! She is a true gem!

  6. What a lovely introduction as well as tribute. I can tell I'd like Lynne by the "simple" nature of her recipes. Thank you!


  7. It is nice to meet your cousin! I will have to check out the links you shared. Thank you:)
    Blessings to you, Lynne, and your readers,

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful welcome!! You ALL sound like such beautiful women who are devoted to the Lord. I really am blessed to have met you all, thanks to Carla! Thank you for the encouragement!

  9. I admire Lynne for not allowing her physical ills to hamper her creativity. I'll have to check out her site.

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