Monday, May 24, 2010

You as a Character in a Novel

Have you ever wished you could be a character in a novel?  Questions abound!  What genre would it be?  What time period? How would you cast yourself? And others? What role would you play - protagonist, antagonist, secondary character?

I had a little fun with some online photo editing sites and uploaded some pictures of me and my family for some novel fun! 

I would love to be cast in a novel, how much fun!

Of course, it would be a historical Christian romance.  It would take place some where in the 18th or 19th century, so long as I would have a wardrobe of beautiful gowns. I think I'd like to play a wealthy philantropist who finds herself in a plot thick with adventure. Perhaps I would be a travel writer and journey to exotic places, sharing good will and the gospel with those I meet. 


My husband, Brad, would be the hero as no love story rivals our own. He will be my love interest and I his. 

Or maybe he would be cast as a or a wanted man or a bandito.  Sorry, but my handsome hubby's face always seems to come to mind.

I might come across some other interesting characters in a novel such as a charming pirate, played by my son, Brandon.

Or perhaps a heroic knight, played by my son, Justin, ready to save the day.

With a little imagination you can be anything you want to be in fiction and I'll take no arguements there!

How would you characterize yourself in a novel? How much of yourself to do put into your characters?


  1. Great pictures! I wish I could tone up that fast..... :O)

  2. Hi Carla -

    This reminds me of the places that take your picture in vintage costumes.

    As long as it's fantasy, I'd like to be in an elegant ball gown. Watching movies of couples dancing to a Strauss waltz always touch the romantic in me.

    Susan :)

  3. Carla, This is so neat! Wish I was savvy like you and could come up with these imaginative things. I'd be a character in 18th-c. dress, for sure. One of those pretty Martha Washington gowns on display at Mt. Vernon. Can't think of a character but that's such a good question. Getting late and my mind is foggy. You look wonderful in these as do all your men:)

  4. Carla, I love the pictures!

    I try to give my main characters some of my flaws in order to make them more realistic. They share my basic values, but are better at dealing with situations than I am.

    I'd like to be a pioneer (I'm thinking of Little House on the Praire era), but with modern conveniences such as toilets and computers. Guess that means I'd have to be in a time travel book.


  5. This was so cool!! You all look so the part in all the costumes!! I definitly would like to be in the time period with all the gowns but not the inconveniences!!

  6. What fun! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  7. Love these Carla!!! Your pics are awesome. I do use photofunia a lot. Have you ever thought of using It's another photo effects site!

  8. Those pictures are too fun!
    Hmmm, I would be in a fantasy, definitely. Something perhaps modern but quickly shifts to another place, another time. Lots of adventure.

    Happy Wednesday,

  9. You look so elegant! I'd probably choose to be a 20th century pioneer living in a simple log house somewhere in the boonies but with the opportunity to fly out for supplies and a civilization break -- the best of two different worlds. I'd live in jeans and sweatshirts at home and in swish evening clothes and high heels during my forages into the city. Hmmm, that's a little like the male character in one of my novels, so maybe I DO put more of myself into my writing than I realized.

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  11. Hahahahahahahaha! I am having a tough day, but you just made me laugh out loud. Those are so well done that it's SCARY. They. Look. So. Real.


  12. This was so much fun! I'm glad you all enjoyed this post!!!

  13. Those were great pictures!! I couldn't stop laughing at some! You look so gorgeous, Carla, with long curly hair! And everyone looks great- such naturals!! What fun!:) Great words, too.

  14. Not sure I'm brave enough to be a character in a novel, think of all the trials and heartache you'd have to put yourself through!

    But I loved your collection of pictures. What a fun idea!


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