Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Writers Life by Dasha the Kitten

A Writer's Life by Dasha

A writer's life isn't all comfort.

 It requires great courage.

Writing is serious work.

 A writer must work hard at their craft.

It requires great skill.

And unusual talent.

Writers must know their market.

Writers should pray for inspiration.

 Writers need to focus.

And work through writers' block.

 Sometimes a writer must scratch an idea.

  And be willing to edit and revise.

Writers must persevere.

  Writing can be exhausting.

In the end there's the satisfaction of a job well done.

My thanks to Dasha, who joined me on my bed when I went to write. She found it very interesting, as you see, so I grabbed my camera. The only staged shot was the one with the Writers Market.


  1. What a fun and clever post. That kitten is adorable.

    We have two orange and white cats, and they're often my writing buddies. Just today, one of them lay on my computer desk fascinated by the clicking of the keys as I typed. Being a cat person who knows her place, I entertained my furry friend by quickly filling a page with gibberish just so he could enjoy the sound of my fingers flying over the keys.

  2. Oh, how precious! Thank you so much for helping me today and for sharing this.

  3. What a cool post. As my daughter would say, "I like" :)


  4. Keli, your cats sound as spoiled as mine. How much fun!

    You're so welcome, Sue. Glad you enjoyed meeting Dasha.

    Glad you like, Vickie!

  5. Love the cat. I think my cat Zelda wages her best distraction by sitting on my mouse hand while I'm writing or on my Bible when I'm reading that.

  6. Carla, that's a GREAT post!!! I have one up now featuring groovy hamsters...


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