Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Writing Prompt & Giveaway: Where I'm From

Since my first Writing Prompt & Giveaway got off to a slow start, I thought I'd try something slightly different for March. I hope you'll find this theme to your delight!  Please see official rules here.

George Ella Lyon isthe poetess of the famous poem "Where I'm From".  In this same format (found on her site) write a poem telling where you're from. There is no word count suggestion for this one. A random winner will be chosen from my basket of entrant's names who will receive the writer's gift box prize.

I'm a genealogy enthusiast and keeper of many of our family's Bibles that have been handed down to me. Tucked between the pages of my paternal grandfather's Bible was this postcard from Trollhatten, Sweden, sent to him only a few years after he emmigrated.  Unfortunately the whole message is in "Svenske" so I cannot cipher it; although I hope someday I can find out what it says. This was the region that both my father's parents came from.  Trollhatten is taken from Swedish folklore and means the land of trolls.  Is that where I come from? The land of trolls? Oh, there, but so much more! This clue reveals only a few threads of the tapestry of where I am from, which metaphorically includes so much more.  So where are you from? You have until March 31st to post your poem right here on Mr. Linky.


  1. Great theme! I love old postcards. AND writing prompts. :)

  2. Fun idea! I'll be back to enter when I write my poem. :-)

  3. Wonderful idea! Will have to see what I can come up with.

  4. I wrote my "Where I Am From" in May, 2008, so I've linked to that post.
    There are so many memories that could go into this poem, it's hard to narrow them down!
    Oh, and I too am the keeper of the family Bibles.

  5. p.s. since my entry is from my 'Manitoba' blog, I'm posting a link on my regular blog tomorrow, along with your badge.

  6. What a neat idea. It bears mulling over.

    I love the old postcard. What a neat tie to your past. Geneaology is something I've wanted to do for some time. I have a book someone on my father's side wrote about my family there. It's fascinating. I'd love to do the same for my mother's side.

    Happy Monday,

  7. a simple but is good postcard. Good and fun idea and it can make a new creation.
    Blessings, Anastasius


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