Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Can You Say About This Photo?

 There's only one more week left to post your entries for the first writing prompt/giveaway!  In up to 1,000 words see what you can write about this photo.  Post it on our Mr. Linky tool and read the posts that others have submitted!  We already have a few entries and I'd love to see more.


  1. Neat idea, Carla. I don't think I'll participate this month, but I'll come back next month.

    Saw you on Market My Words and thought I'd follow you. ;D

  2. This is a good idea. I'm just catching up now.

  3. Hi Carla, I followed you over from your comment at Light for the Writer's Soul. Beautiful blog you have so I've decided to follow you here as well :)


  4. Hi Carla -

    I'm in the middle of major projects right now, including the Genesis entry. :)


  5. What a beautiful (but sad) headstone! Thanks for stopping by over at Chrysalis. So nice to meet you, Carla.

    Blessings, e-Mom

  6. Thanks for coming by Victoria, Vickie, and e-Mom!

    Well, if any of you cannot make it this month, next month is going to be good! It will be a regular feature.

    Susan, I still trying to decide if I'll be entering the Genesis. Best to you!


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