Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reading in 2009

I was thinking that I didn't get as much reading done as usual this year and then I took a look at my list.   I currently have at least a dozen books sitting on my shelves waiting for me to read in 2010 that I wasn't able to get to.

I realized that I did a lot of reading online doing research and reading blogs this year.  Another thing I read more of this year was my Bible, which was one of my goals.  I'm referring to my real own leather-bound Bible rather than reading the Bible online which I have become accustomed to doing.  There's something about holding the Word in your own hands that draws you near to the Author of that remarkable book.

I also spent more time writing, especially in the winter.  To me, that counts as reading because I'm telling myself stories and then reading what I write.  OK, maybe that only makes sense to me. Yet, on the same token, everything I read I also am thinking about writing as I'm doing so.

Another thing I did this year that is reading related is volunteering to teach others to read and at work I trained more adult literacy tutors.  By the way, if you're looking for a way to volunteer in the new year I highly recommend this. 

Here's my 2009 book list:

Andy Andrews - The Noticer

Lisa Tawn Bergren - The Captain’s Bride and Breathe

Lauralee Bliss - Love Finds You in Bethlehem, NH

Linda Lee Chaikin - Tomorrow’s Treasure

Lyn Cote - A Proper Pursuit

Kaye Dacus - Ransom’s Honor

Susan Page Davis - Return to Love, A New Joy, Abiding Peace, Weaving a Future (Virginia Brides)

Janet Dean - Courting the Doctor’s Daughter

Eva Marie Everson - Reflections of God's Holy Land

Darlene Franklin - Beacon of Love and Wild West Christmas

Laura Frantz - The Frontiersman’s Daughter

Rita Gerlach - Surrender the Wind

Deanne Gist - Deep in the Heart of Trouble and A Bride in the Bargain

Cathy Marie Hake - Whirlwind and That Perfect Spark

Carol Kent -  Secret Longings of the Heart

Kathleen Kent - The Heretic's Daughter

Julie Klassen - The Apothocary’s Daughter

Gail Gaymer Martin - Writing the Christian Romance

Leigh Michaels - On Writing Romance

Ruth Axtell Morren - Bride of Honor

Catherine Palmer - Under His Wings (A Victorian Christmas Cottage)
and Angel in the Attic (A Victorian Christmas Keepsake)

Renee Ryan - Hannah’s Beau

Anna Schmidt - An Unexpected Suitor

Lauraine Snelling - A Measure of Mercy

M. L. Tyndall - The Red Siren

Elizabeth White - Crescent City Courtship

Did you read any of the books on my list?  Tell me how your reading went this year. 


  1. I've read a few books on the list, and have a big stack of my own to read as well. So many books, so little time! :) I have several I must get to soon for review purposes, and several more I'm just itching to read. And yes, I plan to spend more time in the Word. This is a must for me to grow and stay on track. Blessings and Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Great list, Carla! And it's a privilege to have TFD on it. My TBR pile has convicted me to carve out more time for reading in 2010. Somehow between writing and research it gets shoved aside. Truly, so many great books, so little time:) Praying your new year starts off with some great books!

  3. Yes, Karen, staying in the Word is "mission critical"!. Many of the books in my stack are review books, as well.

    Happy New Year blessings to you, too, Karen!

  4. Hi Laura, not only is TFD on the list, but it was my fav for the year!

    I have to be careful when I read so much that my writing doesn't get pushed aside. And as you and Karen both said "so many books, so little time." Books are published so fast these days it makes me wonder about the days long ago when they were so few and far between that people actually re-read favorites and new ones were long anticipated.

    My new year is defintely starting off with some great books and I can't wait for CML to come out, can't be soon enough for me!

    Happy reading in 2010!

  5. Hi Carla -

    I don't keep a running list of the books I've read, but I'd say I hit at least 45 titles this year. I try to read a book a week, but that's not always possible.

    Also, I'm reading my way through the Bible and journaling as I go. It will probably take me 2-3 years to get done. The Bible in a Year Plans are great, but this time I want to savor and chew on each passage.

    Happy New Year,
    Susan :)

  6. Hi Susan, I'm kind of a list keeper myself. What a great idea to journal your way through the Bible. Fantastic! I'm sure it is such a blessing.

  7. I have read some of the books on your list, but not enough. I'm adding them to my 2010 list! LOL.

    I read ALOT -- partly because I work in a school board central library and select books to be used in novel sets. I'd say I read well over two hundred books this year between my work reads and my personal reads! (Of course some of those are children's and YA novels) I've kept a list (with reviews) for the work ones but not the personal ones. I'll have to try that this year.

    One of the reasons I'm able to read so much is that I take public transport to work. I've often missed my bus stop because I've been engrossed in a book. Now I have an attentive bus driver who gives me a friendly nudge if I don't notice my stop coming up.

    And, if I can put my librarian hat on for a second, don't forget to check out your public library for your favourite Christian authors. If they don't carry a title you're interested in, you can request the library to purchase a copy. My library will accept (and usually buy) books published in the last two years. Each patron is allowed to request up to five titles a month so my New Years resolution is to inundate my library with inspirational fiction requests.

    The two top books on my 2010 'must read'list are:

    1) Courting Morrow Little by Laur Franz

    2) Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad (debut novel)

    Both are due out in the summer and I can't wait!

  8. What a great list of books! I have only read one on your list, but several are sitting by my bed, waiting to be read. Every year I try to read through the Bible. I've made it through 3 times. Sigh...I got through the NT and 1/2 of the OT this year. This year, I'm going to use a One Year Bible and read both NT and OT at the same time! :)

  9. Yours was a good list! I never thought to keep track of those I read, wish I had.

    I know He has many names, but it was really neat to see Him in your post as Author. Sometimes I forget that very important thing, and it makes me attack my writing with more vigor. How cool to be that along with Him.

    Blessings and best to you in 2010!


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