Friday, November 20, 2009

Things Novelists Do While Their Novels Remain . . . Unwritten

I just had to share this video. I love this song anyway and these authors put a twist on it that writers can relate to.

If there was a secret video cam on you, what might you be caught doing?


  1. I'm laughing so hard that my dog came running in to see what all the fuss was about so I had to show it to him because, well, there were a couple of cute dogs in that video as well and now we're both laughing! LOL. Thanks for the bright start to my morning!

  2. Kav, tell me, when your dog laughs does he show all of his teeth and howl or is he a tight grinned chuckler? What about you? I sort of howled over this one!

  3. Simba laughs out of the side of his mouth so his muzzle puffs out...very strange, but cute in a long-snouted dog kind of way. Me? I sprayed oatmeat all over my keyboard. TMI?

  4. What a hoot! Love this song! I've never seen some of these authors "live" before so that was a treat:)

  5. The authors sure enjoyed themselves! Thanks for the chuckle. :)


  6. Kav, that's gross! ROTFL!!!
    Wasn't that a riot Laura and Susan?! I can't get the song out of my head now.

    So gals, if there was a secret video cam on you, what might you be caught doing?

    I'd be snuggling in bed reading, playing with my calico kitty Briar Rose, trying to figure out how to use my new digital camera, looking for my glasses or my coffee cup,winding up my cool flashlight so I can send it to Laura . . .

  7. Great video I can relate to all of it, except the dog. I'm not a dog person.

  8. This video is hilarious!

    Let's see...if a camera happened to be on me, you'd catch me eating way too much ice cream, telling the kids "shhh", and hitting the backspace key ;)

  9. I am digging that video! Exept I'm changing diapers while my books stayes unwritten!

    I just posted a song video on my blog about Garbage In, Garbage Out. I think you will like it!


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