Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maine Writers Conference

This summer I had an opportunity to attend my very first writers conference which was put on by the Maine Fellowship of Christian Writers.  It was located on the downeast coast in beautiful Belfast, Maine. What a wonderful experience, and I got to share it with my best friend, Daphne.  The conference lasted the day and was filled with a variety of sessions and workshops. I was thrilled about this opportunity. 

The conference was a big step for this shy writer as I was going to have to share some of my writings with my peers.  One chance to do so was in a "Live Writers Society" at the end of the day where the attendees got to read their work in timed 3 minute segments.  I read a poem I wrote years ago, "Lamb of God, Shepherd Sweet".  When the conference was done many of us headed over to the Weather Vane for some delicious Maine seafood.


I'll be sharing some of my notes in 3 posts from some of the sessions that I attended -  "What Does an Editor Do, Anyway? (And Why Do I Need One?) by editor Genie Dailey, Fiction or Non-Fiction by Elin Lee, and Creating 3-D Characters by author Susan Page Davis.

Genie Dailey of Fine Points Editorial Services was the keynote speaker and spoke on "What Does an Editor Do, Anyway? (And Why Do I Need One?)". She emphasized the need to polish before publishing It was very insightful as she explained the editing process and the difference between the roles of an editor and proofreader.
Editors . . .
Are involved with content and structure
Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Use many references.
Sensitive to style and voice.
Rewrite passages.
Familiar with publishers expectations.
May specialize in specific genres.

Proofreaders . . .
Check proof against manuscript or previous proof to ensure changes were made.
Not concerned with grammar however they are another set of eyes that may catch items overlooked.
Consult with the editor.
Have sharp eyes and sharp pencils.
Have you been to writers conferences?  Tell me about your first one.  What was most memorable about it?


  1. Hi Carla, Thanks for your comments about wives' tales on my post at
    The backdrop, the boats and the harbor, of your writer's conferences makes me feel a bit envious. What incredibly beautiful country.

  2. Carla, This is a wonderful post. Love the differentiation between editors, etc. I learned a few things. As one editor told me a couple of years ago - "enjoy the learning process in publishing."

    And now I want to come to Maine, not only to meet you but to attend a stellar writing conference! The pictures are wonderful - the one of you and friend with the backdrop of that blue, blue water... Sigh:)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  3. Belfast harbor is such a beautiful spot and it was a perfect day all around! I was back there again just this past weekend with the same friend for a women's ministry retreat. This time it was a little foggy, but I can't complain because we still had an ocean view from our hotel. I had lobster for dinner!

    Thanks for coming by Scoti, I think I might pick up that book on old wives tales. It still amazes me how superstitious folks are. Even today. In one of my stories about a gypsy she has a hard time letting go of her superstitions that are deeply ingrained into her mindset, even after she becomes a Christian.

    Laura, I found that session very informative. It was my first writers conference and I was just sailing on blue waters all day long!


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