Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Review: Beacon of Love by Darlene Franklin

 "Waves taller than a man and blacker than midnight curled over Sam's head and foamed white at the crest like a mad dog's mouth, ready to devour anything in their path.  One small wooden boat could not survive such a storm.

Papa knelt in the stern, holdin ghis hand over his eyebrows as if to clear his vision of the rain that obliterated the shore near Capernaum.

Turn back. Sam wanted to shout the words, but no sound came out of his mouth.

"We've seen worse."  Papa placed his hand on Sam's shoulder.  "Join me on the oars."

And so begins Beacon Of Love, a Heartsong Presents Historical by award winning author and speaker Darlene Franklin.

Capernaum Island, Rhode Island - 1815

Sam Hathaway left Capernaum Island, and he thought he would never return to the scene of his father's death at sea. But years later, as a doctor who has faced the worst of wartime battle injuries, Sam believes God is calling him to treat the fishermen and families of Capernaum Island. 

Judith Morrison lives with her father in the lighthouse, where he is keeper. Her first sight of Sam after his return stirs something in her. But her father and other men ridicule Sam for his fear of the ocean. When a great storm hits, the lighthouse may not endure it. With her father injured and the wooden tower damaged, will Judith be able to keep the lighthouse lamps lit, providing a beacon of love that will guide Sam to safety and reveal his true worth?

From the onset of this novel I was captivated by the setting of the remote island and its inhabitants. Beacon Of Love takes place on Capernaum Island, Rhode Island in 1815 Rhode Island.   The author presents dynamic characters that enter into a flurry of events that culminate in trying to survive the Great Gale.  Sam was haunted by his fear of the sea, yet felt called to return to his childhood home and serve this island community as its doctor.  When he is reaquainted with Judith, the light keeper's daughter, he realizes that she may have been part of God's plan for bringing him home.  Though she is an independent and capable young woman she has some insecurities of her own. This story warmed the heart of this New Englander and I couldn't put it down as the momentum kept increasing to the very end, which was very satisfying as the characters triumph over their fears and prejudice from others.

Darlene Franklin writes with historic detail and has the ability to bring her  unique characters to life.  I look forward to reading more from her in the future!

Don't miss my interview with Darlene from last week.  You can read it HERE.  And it's not too late to win a copy of her Christmas novella, Wild West Christmas.  See detail in the interview post. 

What are some of your favorite location for novels to take place? 

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  1. I love when an author is able to capture a place and take me there through her words. This sounds like one of those stories.

    I love reading books based in Ireland or England (the "Old Country"). I am also a bit partial to magical landscapes. My current reading "location" is the Archipeligo of Dreams in James A Owen's "The Shadow Dragons".

    Happy Tuesday!


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