Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can You Read This?

Today I'm working on an article for a special edition in our local newspaper about adult literacy.  I work 15 hours per week (plus) for Literacy Volunteers, a local non-profit affiliate of ProLiteracy America.  I'm also a tutor and a tutor trainer.  This will be my 4th publication in Local Voices on the topic of adult literacy.  I could go on forever it seems about the merits of helping create a more literate society.  In my community alone, one in seven are functionally illiterate.  I just can't even imagine not being able to read or write, especially in this day and age.  How I have taken it for granted.  Now raising an awareness for adult literacy has become a passion of mine.

Now on my 4th article, it becomes a challenge for me to write about the same topic in new and creative ways.  Yet, this time I realized I already had some fodder for the article, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  We are currently engaged in an awareness campaign so I decided to write about that and feature the volunteer who has worked with our organization for almost 2 decades.  What dedication!  She has tutored nearly 20 adults during that time. Not everyone is cut out to be a tutor, but there are many ways to get involved.  If each one can do something to help others know about this modern day plight perhaps we will find someday we all live in a more literate society.  Imagine the difference that could make.

(Click to view larger image - Literacy Unlocks the Treasure)

To learn more about the impact of adult literacy visit ProLiteracy.

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What cause is important to you?  Do you write about it?


  1. Carla, What a privilege to work with a volunteer like that - and to have a passion for literacy like you do! Shocking and sad that the illiteracy rate is still so high as I'm sure that is a pretty good indicator of where we are nationally? Your article sounds terrific. I, too, have a heart for the same thing. This upcoming book event I'm headed to in Ky. benefits literacy and libraries in my home state. I can't think of a better venue!
    Bless you for caring - and for making a difference.

  2. Laura,
    Yes, it is a privelege. Our volunteer is so dedicated! Inspiring. Oh, I see we are kindred spirits in many other ways! That truly is great that you are benefiting literacy in your state with your book event.


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