Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Historical Mother's Day

Carla & Mom with reenactor, Rebecca Olson (no relation)

My Mom and I spent the day on Saturday celebrating an early Mother's Day. I was delighted to have Mom, who is my "first editor" (the one I send all my writing to first to do grammatical edits and a brief critique/content review), join me for the day doing some fun historical things!

Civil-War Maine Reenactors Fashion Show
First we went to the historic Good-Will Hinckley School, campus of an orphanage founded by G. W. Hickley in 1889, to enjoy a Civil War period fashion show. This was put on by the Civil-War Maine reenactors as a fundraiser for a weekend event which we also plan to attend. It was a wonderful 2-hour presentation and they served refreshments including "Lincoln Cake" (a lemon flavored sponge-type cake). Of course, you can expect another post on this with lots of pictures.

L.C. Bates Museum, Hinckley, Maine

Then we visited the old L. C. Bates Museum, on the campus. This natural history museum hosts much of the personal collection of the founder of the school, as well as many donations through the years. It feels like you have taken a step into turn of the century (19th/20th, that is) lost archives, but it is so interesting. Its curiosities include wildlife, audubon, sealife, fossils, rocks & minerals, Maine Native American cultural displays, and even 19th century carriages. They even had some cool busts of some of my favorite historical friends (saving for another post).

Audubon room

Carriage cellar

Messalonske Steam, Maine
Then we went back and my huz took us over to the lake for a little walk and then we headed to the Riverside Farm Market Restaurant out for a wonderful dinner that sits on the edge of a vineyard and a river (the one that continues behind my house!).  It is the epitome of casual elegance - gourmet food, perfect service, and beautiful live music.

Riverside Farm Market

Lobster Lozada

The only thing that was missing was my two sons - one working today and the other in Spain on vacation.  But it was a special day nonetheless doing some of my favorite things, enjoying time spent with Mom!

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