Thursday, January 7, 2010

Call for Writers

Thank you everyone for sharing my excitement! I'm busy working on the new book which will be a historical romance.  I'm in the brainstorming and research stage right now, and I think I've settled on an idea.  Sorry, it's still in the secret stage. I'm a very shy writer.  I think that comes with the territory.

Are you looking for some writing opportunities in the coming year to build your publishing credentials?  Here are a few you might want to try.  Didn't I hear you say that you always wanted to submit a story to one of these? 

Seek Magazine:  Deadline: Jan. 15, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Approx. 40% of the stories accepted
are from unpublished writers.

Dieting and Fitness: Deadline: Jan. 31, 2010
Christmas and Holidays: Deadline: Jan. 15, 2010
New Moms: Deadline: February 28, 2010
Devotional for Moms: Deadline: Feb. 28, 2010
Family Matters: Deadline: Feb. 28, 2010
Grieving and Recovery: Deadline: March 31, 2010
Grieving and Recovery for Dog Owners: Deadline: March 31, 2010
Grieving and Recovery for Cat Owners: Deadline: March 31, 2010
Grandmothers: Deadline: March 31, 2010
Preteens: Deadline: March 31, 2010
Teens: Deadline: March 31, 2010

Cup of Comfort

For Couples: Deadline: April 20, 2010

The Christmas Spirit: Deadline:  May 1, 2010

Keys for Kids

Utmost Christan Writers Poetry Contest:  Deadline:  Feb. 28, 2010

A few resource links for you:
Christian Writers' Marketplace
Write On - Write On
Christian Writing Markets
World Wide Freelance

Have you started any new writing projects yet this year?
I'd love to hear what your doing.


  1. I have several irons in the fire. I wish you the best with your new novel.

  2. Carla thank you so much for listing such great places where one can submit their work! I might check out a few of them! I'm so excited for you and your new book idea. I will pray the Lord guides and leads as you start this endeavor! I too am writing a novel and my goal is to be finished with the rough draft by Feb. birthday...a gift to me! Then the hard work begins to try and find an agent to represent me! It's all in the good Lord's hands!

  3. Thanks for listing these great opportunities! I really appreciate it.

    I didn't start a new project, but I'm about 1/4 of the way through a first draft. It feels great to be back writing now that the holidays are over.

  4. Hi Carla, I haven't started anything new, but have a few things from last year that I'm working on. I posted my projects yesterday.

  5. Hi Carla!
    I started a couple of ideas towards the end of last year. I'm still in the edit stage of my trilogy and that's taking first priority. But I have a few of those ideas that won't leave me alone, that haunt my steps so to speak. I'll have to see which ones are what I should be pursuing.
    Good luck with your WIP research. That's always my favorite part of the process.

    Happy Thursday,

  6. It's great to see what you all are working on! I will keep you in my prayers, as well, and do so much appreciate yours.

    As Jill said, it's good to get back into the swing of things after the holdiays. Sometimes our projects carry over and sometimes we have new ventures.

    Jen, I do know what you mean! The haunting! Research is my favorite part, too.

    Great goal, Shannon! Nice birthday gift, and a happy one to you! Let us know when you get it done.

  7. Thanks so much for these links, Carla. I will definitely give them a look. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing those writing opportunities, Carla. Best wishes to you with your book!

  9. Just found your fabulous much info and inspiration! What a great mix!

    Goal for 2010 ~ push the marketing on my first novel and finish my second WIP

    Best of luck!



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