Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Writer Analogies

Writers love good analogies.  They help open up our mind.  Here are a few good ones that I've found around the web that are all about writing.  They might give you a little perspective.  Enjoy!

Spider Web
Hope Chest  (scroll down for the Nov. 3Oth post)
Golden Pen  - don't miss this one!

P.S.  I'm adding to the list!  Some of our visitors are telling me about analogies at at their blogs.  If you have one on your blog just say so. Here are some bonus links:

Changing Tides
Jar of Rocks

I know I'm sending you away, but before you leave,
do you have an a
nalogy you'd like to share about the writing life?
Take a peek at mine.


  1. As for me, I always imagine my stories as precious jewels (so many varieties) in need of mining, cutting, refining, faceting, polishing, and treasuring. I have a treasure chest full of them!

  2. My writing is like scattered dust on the floor. I need to get out my broom and get it all together!

  3. I've got a writing analogy on my blog today. Where I shared pictures of our remodeled house before and after, I saw a piece of writing that was pretty worn down and in need of repairs. But with time and energy, perseverance and potential, it can be made beautiful.

    Thanks for the links!

  4. I've got an analogy going on over at my blog too. It all parallels the changing tides, and how our writing might have changed over time. Thanks for the links, I'm off to blog hop :)

  5. Oh, I absolutely love good analogies, especially when they're related to the writing life! I have several old posts comparing writing to the birds that nested outside my kitchen window. I loved writing those.

  6. These are fun! I'm not sure how to word mine (how's that for a writer!) but it has something to do with writers, endurance, and door to door salesmen.

  7. Hi Carla,

    For me, writing is like making broth from scratch. It takes time, but eventually, as it simmers, the aroma of painstakingly chosen words mingle with the herbs of creativity, and a fragrant, delicious story is born.

  8. By the way, remember my hot tub post? Meet groovyoldlady, my hot tub writing buddie! Everyone wave!
    Hi Groovy, waving from across the woods!

  9. I love writing analogies! I just read Janna Qualman's post and she has a great analogy!

  10. Hey Carla! Thanks for the link. That was a sweet surprise. :-) I'm looking forward to checking out the other analogies.

  11. What a fun topic! And lots of 'scope for the imagination' as Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) would say. I had fun reading all the analogies...though right now the one that applies to me most is the spiderweb -- only I'm a fly caught in the web!!!!

  12. Your analogies are all so much fun to hear! I'm glad you're all enjoying this topic as much as I am.

  13. Since I started out as a non-fiction writer, analogies are the jam that helps the bread of life go down without sticking in a reader's throat.

    I've used: a jar of rocks, topiaries, and coasting down a hill.

    Susan :)

  14. Thank you - will have to check these out. Blessings! :)

  15. Hurray! I found your blog quite a while ago, and then I lost it. I'm so glad I finally found it again!

    Bethany Mattingly at Aspirations has a great Analogy today, comparing query letters to the Brady Bunch theme song - it's adorable! :)


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