Friday, June 29, 2012

Peeking in...

Just peeking in. I've been rather busy dealing with my injured wrist and trying NOT to write. I'm working on my galleys (final edits) for Carving a Future, my novella in October's Colonial Courtships collection. My generous editor at Abingdon also gave me a new deadline for Pattern for Romance, much to my great relief. November 1st it is with a new release date of August 2013, only two months later than the original release date. Hoping I don't have to have surgery on my wrist this summer, but at this point I'll take anything to get it working and pain free.

Today you'll find me posting over at Colonial Quills. I will also be visiting with Elaine Stock at Everyone's Story later in the afternoon and there will be a book giveaway of The Shadow Catcher's Daughter. It's been lots of fun doing interviews and all these book giveaways. Come along and say hello and maybe you'll win a free autographed copy!

How are YOU doing, friends? Have a safe and fun week ahead celebrating our country's freedom!