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Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt

Sometimes the owner of the old house on Schooley's Mountain finds things stored in the attic. It's your job to collect those items as you travel to each blog on the Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt. Read the post about the featured novella and see what the unique giveaways are. You will find the item on the antique post card image further down the page.

Giveaways are available on each post and the grand prize is the lovely 12.5" x 18" Christmas banner pictured at the left.

Mistletoe Memories

Barbour Publishing, September 2013

by Carla Olson Gade, Gina Welborn, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Jennifer AlLee

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. ~Hebrews 3:4

One of America’s earliest summer resorts began atop the majestically wooded Schooley’s Mountain where the mecca of chalybeate springs (or “magic water”) drew visitors from near and far. Eventually the magic water disappeared, but the memories remained. Folks who live there tell the stories they heard from their grandparents who heard them from their grandparents. The four stories in MISTLETOE MEMORIES cover the almost 200 years after the house was built and center around a house that became a refuge that became an orphanage that became a home. 

'Tis the Season by Carla Olson Gade:

In 1820, Stephan Yost, resident carpenter of Schooley’s Mountain, New Jersey’s fashionable resort, spends off-season working on repairs, renovations, and constructing new buildings. When he is hired to build a permanent home for the resort's physician and his spirited daughter, Annaliese Braun, in time for Christmas, Stephan finds himself enamored by the precocious spinster. But will he be able to compete for her affections against the advances of a manipulative iron baron?

Author's favorite character:

I choose little Rory Schroeder. He is a rambunctious ten year old boy who lives on Schooley's Mountain with his uncle. He's a deep thinker and reminds me of one of my sons when he was young. When he gets excited he breaks into his German language.

Giveaway: I'm giving away a pair of Tiny Dutch Shoes, like the that Stephan makes for a Christmas ornament, an autographed copy of Mistletoe Memories, and a copy of this antique post card.

Treasure Hunt: 

Post the answer to the question from your previous stop on the Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt (unless you started here). Answer the question below and bring your answer to the next blog and post it in the comment area.
If this is your first stop you will return here and post an answer after visiting the third stop. Then you will be eligible for the giveaway on this page.

The boy holding mistletoe looks similar to Rory from 'Tis the Season.
What is he holding in his other hand?

Now please visit Gina Welborn, author of Mercy Mild, the second novella in Mistletoe Memories, and report your answer in the comments area and collect the next treasure!

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Feel free to share a favorite Christmas memory when you comment.
Do you have a mistletoe memory?


  1. We have mistletoe that grows in the trees overhead, here in my neighborhood. This isn't your standard mistletoe memory but I was so tickled when my then-90 year old neighbor told me they used to shoot them out of the trees on Christmas. That was funny to imagine people blasting away so they could have their mistletoe!

  2. My daddy, who is with Jesus now would always put mistletoe up over the kitchen door, knowing mom would go in and out that door many times during Christmas. He would jump up, get a kiss and dance her around the room......such joy they had with each other. So of course when I married my special husband, we had to have mistletoe over the door going into our kitchen. And yes, Ron hops up for his kiss and a dance around the room. As long as my parents lived they would kiss under the mistletoe! We will keep the sweet memory alive.....I can still see my parents doing this in mind and am so thankful to them for the way they showed me what a good marriage should be.....filled with love, joy and God in the center.

  3. what a gorgeous giveaway opportunity! I definitely want to read this collection by you talented ladies! I shared on fictionaddictionfix, and followed your blog as twobellesandabook.
    Kathy Maher

    1. forget to say I have no mistletoe memories of my own, but look forward to making some this year. :)

  4. Carla, In the late 70's we moved from a large northern city to a small southern town. When Christmas time came I noticed how mistletoe was clumped together in the trees around. One day when I walked to town I found the perfect tree but it belonged to someone I didn't know who was working outside. The mistletoe was hanging low in this tree and I thought I could get a ladder and come back and get it down. Instead I got "Little lady you'll have to get a shot-gun to get this stuff down, whatcha want it for anyway?" I passed on that one.

    A shotgun? I thanked him and told my hubby when he came home, and he shook his head and said he'd get some. Steve brought me some mistletoe a few days later, with moss attached. I sent some to Michigan, where it doesn't grow to my Mother and Dad, and we hung a nice small ball size in our entry way for a church party we were having. Like gathering pine cones and spraying them gold for a basket next to our fireplace, Natural things add decor. I'll never forget how naive I was and happy to have mistletoe growing in trees nearby.

  5. love everything about mistletoe! you are darling

  6. Thank you all for sharing your mistletoe memories! I love the ones about the shot guns! lol The winner of the giveaway for a copy of Mistletoe Memories is Becky Glaze Pound!


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