Friday, December 14, 2012

A Visit with the Huz: The Inside Scoop on MaryLu Tyndall

Today we welcome George Tyndall, husband of MaryLu Tyndall.

MaryLu Tyndall is the author of 11 historical romances, the most recent one being, Veil of Pearls. You may visit her website at

George, thank you for coming by!

Where did you meet MaryLu and how love have you been married?

We met at IBM, where we both used to work, and we just celebrated our 20th anniversary last July.

Any children, grandchildren, or pets in the family? Who lives at home?

We have 6 children and two grandchildren. Our youngest son still lives at home while he finishes up his Physics degree at college. We also have 3 crazy cats. 

Did you know MaryLu was a writer before you were married?

No, I would have never guessed she had a talent for writing. When I met her she was programming computers!

What is your occupation and how long have you been working at that vocation?

I am a Scientist with a PhD in Physical Chemistry and I’ve been working in my field for 31 years.

What are a few of your favorite books and authors? (Not including your wife's.)

James Mitchner Hawaii, James Clavell Shogun, John Grisham. Other favorite authors include Vince Flynn and Ben Coes. I also enjoy Joel Rosenberg, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva. As you can tell, I mostly enjoy military spy thrillers. 

Have you ever read any of your wife's books?  If so, do you have a favorite?

No. I decided early on that I’d better not read her work because I’m a very critical reader and I didn’t want to cause unnecessary problems. 

Where does MaryLu write?

In one of our spare bedrooms that is set up like an office.

What does she wear when writing?

Hmm. Usually jeans and a t-shirt or sweat shirt.

Is there anything unusual that she ever asks you to do relating to her writing?

Fill out this interview!  But also, I’m a carpenter hobbyist and she asked me to make one of our bedrooms look like a Captain’s cabin aboard a tall ship. I’m working on it and eventually it will become her new writing room. 

What activities do the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple?

Movies, vacations, dinner out, and watching our favorite TV shows. 

Now, from MaryLu:

Does your husband write? If so, please tells us about it.

No. He used to write scientific papers but he doesn’t do that anymore. Besides, I never understood a word of them!

As an author, what is something exceptional that you appreciate about your husband relating to his support of your career.

As he mentioned above, he’s making me the coolest writing room with oak flooring and wainscoting and an antique book shelf built into the closet and even wooden beams on the ceiling!  I’m going for the nautical captain’s cabin look, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.
George has always been supportive of my writing and always asks me how my books are coming along and takes an interest in the process.

Thank you George and MaryLu! It was so nice to have you here at WTD!

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  1. Hello George! Nice to meet you. This is Chaplain Debbie of the good ship Redemption. Thank you for doing this interview. I love hearing from the authors' husbands, it helps to get to know the author a little more. MaryLu has been bragging on the new office you are building her. You are such a dear man to do that for her. She only has wonderful things to say about you. She told me you are also a Ted Dekker fan; I truly enjoy his books. I love your vacation pictures, it looked like you both had loads of fun!
    Hey, Cap'n! Ye have a pretty sweet guy here to be willin' to take the time to do this interview. I can't wait to see the finished office he be buildin' fer ye! See ye back on the ship! Hugs.

  2. Interviewing a writer's husband is a great idea--and fun too. Thanks, George, for giving us some insight into your life with MaryLu. And how cool that you're building the office of her dreams. I write westerns, and this has me thinking...I wonder if my husband would put saloon doors on my office.

    And let me just say, you're really missing out, George, by not reading your wife's books. She is one of my absolute favorite authors, whose books I never fail to read. They're awesome!

    Hi MaryLu! The list of activities you and your husband enjoy is exactly the same as my husband's and me. :)

  3. WHOO-HOO, we finally get to meet "sis's" better half!! LOVE the pic of you two, ML, and LOVE the interview!! Of course, that only stands to reason since I LOVE YOU to pieces, kiddo!!

    Fun interview, Carla, as always!!


  4. So great to meet you George, "in person"!

    A PhD and a computer programmer! Now what do I say that will sound half-way intelligent? Especially since I'd forgotten for a minute that Carla was interviewing the hubbies--and when I saw Huz on her ACFW line, I thought it was short for Huzzah. So of course it had to be something about MaryLu!

    O-o-o...LOVE that idea about the Captain's cabin! Can you possibly put in a fixture that will give the feeling of a rocking ship? She can put it on occasionally for the full effect! Or, MaryLu--I still remember your old site that had those lovely seagull & wave sound...maybe that's do-able?

    And your wife can tell you sometime about why she's my favorite author... You have a wonderful guiding star for a husband, MaryLu! Praying for many more years together for you two. Luv you, Captain!

  5. Here's a challenge for you: If you read very critically, what if you read her books and listed the 10 best things about each one for her? Read the book looking for the best aspects of it. MaryLu, you amaze me! If my husband didn't read what I wrote I don't think I could write! I'm not a published author or anything but I've written a few stories and his opinion means the world to me! When he says it's good, that sends so many feelings - relief, pleasure, delight, pride, etc. to me!
    ~ J:-)mi

  6. Such a cute interview and what a pleasure it is getting to know George!! Wow, you're going to have an amazing new writing room when he finishes!! Love the couple's photo :)
    Blessings, Kara

  7. What a great idea and loved this interview. I have to say this is so a reader it is a real treat to get a small glimpse into the author's world. Oneof the reasons I fell in love with MaryLu was how down-to-earth she was....and now to find out her husband is as well...(even if he is super-smart)added bonus!

  8. Lovely idea, interviewing the hero and the heroine! :) But now I feel so inadequate. Ugh. A PhD. Not even sure I capitalized that correctly. :}
    Fun interview and its nice to see this side of one very gifted writer.

  9. Thanks Everyone!! Hubby is at work, but I'll force him to come read your comments later. Thanks for taking the time to read his post. Yes.. George is super-duper smart and super-duper kind. Actually, he's one of the most generous people I know. And it's because I value his opinion so much that I don't want to force him to read my books! What if he doesn't like them?? How will I be able to ever write again? LOL

  10. How much fun to have MaryLu and George visit with us! I think it is awesome how supportive he is of you, MaryLu. And what a great guy to make you a Captain's cabin writing room. My huz is a carpenter and I'll have to show him the finished product...hoping, of course, that you'll show us that when he's done. (No pressure, the whole world is watching, that's all!!) Sounds like a great place to stir your imaginings.

    1. Thank you so much, Carla, for having us here. And, yes, of course, I'll post a picture of the finished room!

  11. Wow, how blessed you two are to have found each other! I sort of can imagine you as a computer programmer, MaryLu! Your hubby sounds like such a great guy, MaryLu--and making your a captain's room, wow!!! You can say you have a PhD doing that (like my hubby can say a PhD just stained the door for our laundry room, sigh...) Thanks for this interview, Carla!

  12. What a wonderful interview! It's great to get to know your husband MaryLu, especially since I'm married to a chemist also (polymer chemist for Dow).

  13. Oh how fun! Hey George!!! Waving to you from SC. Hey Marylu! This was extra fun for me now that we know George. What a great guy. Joe and I still sit and talk about what a great time we had visiting with you all. Can't wait to take you around here. :o)


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