Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine from above!

Happy Valentine's Day to my blogging and facebook friends!! I just had to tell you about the sweet treat I received today! My heart is overflowing.

I mentioned that my second contract was on its way and I received it today, on Valentine's Day! But not only that, there was a small error in my other contract regarding my legal name and pen name, so I needed to re-sign the first contract. I received them both today in my email inbox and printed them off and signed them immediately. It was a double blessing to hold two contracts (one for each of my books) in my hands at the same time. I almost keeled over from the excitement! 

This was quite a special treat for me this Valentine's Day. I count it as a special gift from my Heavenly Father, the Lover of my Soul.  He sure knows how to romance this writer's heart.

To celebrate here's a little chocolate shaped like a book. I  hear chocolate is good for the heart. Oh, that's dark chocolate? Well, I know from personal experience that milk chocolate is just as good for any gal's heart! Enjoy!

Chocolate Book available in mass quantities at Choconet.



  1. So good to have a contract you had to sign it twice? ;)
    Double congratulations.

  2. SWEET! as my boys always say:) Love the little chocobook as that's right down my alley. Also love that you say your contracts are a love letter from the Lover of your Soul! So fitting and true! I'm overflowing for you, Carla, and full of joy that I/we get to share this journey with you!!

  3. Congratulations on your doubly delightful Valentine's Day treat.

  4. Congratulations! That's definitely something worthy of some excitement!!

    And a chocolate book? How perfect is that?


  5. Hi Jen, Yes, that chocolate book looks absolutely delicious. I don't think there could be a more perfect treat. Thanks for your congrats!

  6. Elaine, I did have to sign it twice, but then got a contract in my email for another sold book. I must admit, having them both in hand on Valentine's Day was perfect after all!! I couldn't have dreamed up a better scenario! Thanks for the congrats!

  7. Thanks, Keli! And I know you are excited about your contract, too! So nice to be in the Barbour family together!

  8. Sweet indeed, Laura! Chocolate, Books, chocolate...three of my favorite things! And yes, it is so true, a love letter from the Lover of My Soul...makes me sigh just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing my joy!

  9. Congratulations, Carla! What a sweet Valentine surprise, indeed!

  10. Big contrats! What a wonderful week you must be having!!! :-D

    ~ Katy


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