Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special times

This is Cody, my Mom's faithful companion (Cocker-Golden).

Sorry that I disappeared on you again. I had a few horrendous days of website work that I had to tend to. Two complex medical sites at once! Everything else had to come to a screeching halt. And then I spent the weekend with my Mom and her doggie, Cody. Last week was a tough one for my Mom with her first Valentine's Day alone without my step-Dad. Then Saturday was  their anniversary (it would have been 34 years). Sunday was marked 6 months since Dad went to Heaven.

I didn't want her to be alone so we had a girl's weekend. I brought her some pretty pink tulips and we watched movies and went out to eat twice!

So again, sorry for being MIA, especially in the midst of my Valentine's giveaway which I'm extending  to this Sunday. All commenters get a chance to win a journal and chocolate. There will be 2 winners!

I'm going back to Mom's this afternoon and spend another couple of days with her. She will be joining me on a research trip to the Kittery, Maine area.  She lives about 1 1/2 hrs south from me, and our destination is about another 1 1/2 hrs further south. I'm so excited because our day trip will include genealogy research AND writing research.  A book that I hope to write someday involves some of my ancestors who were famous first settlers of Maine. In the evening we will be going to a presentation sponsored by the S. Berwick historical society, "Dressing a Colonial Lady" with historical reenactor Mary Spencer.  And I plan to tell you all about it!

My Mom's been busy taking inventory of all her novels, creating spreadsheets and such. She reads as much as I do and we often share books. It's rather fun having a friend to discuss novels with! She's thinking of selling some of them on ebay. I used to do that to earn new book money, but lately I just keep stacking my shelves.

P.S. The first one to name that novel (face up) that's in the dog picture above you get an extra entry in my giveaway!

What do you do with the books you've read? Do you keep them, share them, sell them?


  1. Carla, So glad you and your mom are busy doing happy, heartfelt things! Your upcoming research trip sounds wonderful. I'm taking my mom on my book launch in August. Please don't enter me in your very generous giveaway as I don't want to take away from your regular readers (and I'm trying to squeeze into my historic dress)! Bless you! Praying for safe travels and a treasure trove of research for you:)

  2. Hi Carla,
    Sounds like a lovely weekend with your mom, and how wonderful to do such simple things that make the best memories to cherish! It sure sounded like a perfect way to spend a weekend.

  3. I'm sure your mom appreciated you spending that time with her being as busy as you are. That time can not be replaced. Hugs :O)

  4. Family should come first, especially at times like this. Good for you in being sensitive and generous with your time and attention. Our stories will still be here and they will get written. :)

    Can't wait to hear all about the Colonial research trip!

  5. Spending time with mom is a really good thing. Two weeks ago I made a trip to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. She is in good health, thank you Jesus.
    I am a book hog, I hang onto almost all of them. I have over 2,000 books and my husband has about 3,000. We could open our own bookstore, maybe someday we will.
    Books are like friends to me, I hate to part with them.
    Diane Marie Shaw

  6. Life has a way of taking us hostage, doesn't it? So glad you are able to support your mother; no doubt a HUGE blessing to her.

    Old books: I hang onto them for as long as I can, telling myself I'm gonna read them again. When I finally concede that I'm NOT going to read them again, I pass them along to friends/family, or I send them to the Salvation Army.



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