Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschool Book Fair

I have stacks and stacks of homeschool and children's books that need a new home. . .or homeschool, I should say. The kids are all grown up now and I want to bless other homeschool families with my surplus. Please feel free to ask for whatever books you need.

If you'd like to reciprocate with a donation of whatever you can afford, it would be appreciated (but not required). Or send me a jar of jelly, a gift card to Amazon.com, or come wash my kitchen floor. Anything will do.

Recipient is responsible for the shipping and must get that to me in advance. Email me at carlagade@gmail.com with your selection. If you live nearby and would like to rummage through my boxes just give me a shout. Thank you!


Understanding God's World (1990) with teacher's guides (Abeka) gr 4-6

Lang. Arts:

Learning Language Arts thru Literature Gray
German Workbook Middle/High School -  Reproducible (Instructional Fair)

Surviving the Money Jungle (Larry Burket) Jr. High workbook
Algebra reproducible workbook (Instructional Fair)
Spectrum Test Prep gr. 8

Math Made Simple softcover text/workbook, high school(Thomas Cusick)
Calculator math gr. 3-5 workbook
Algebra Number Power, high school +(Mitchell)

Critical Thinking:

Becoming a Master Student, high school + (Ellis)

Children's Bible Handbook, soft (Lawerence Richards, Word)


America's Providential History

Focus on US History: The Era of Exploration & Discovery (Walch)
Children's World Atlas Illustrated, large thin hardcover (courage books)

The New Book of Knowledge text 2004 (Grolier)

Human Body (Frank Schaffer) Gr 3-4
Learning Adventures Quiz Me (Simon & Schuster)  Gr 3-4
Multiplication & Division (Golden)  Gr 3-4
Story Problems (school zone)  Gr 3-4

How to Make a Book Report
How a Book is Made (Aliki)

The Value of Believing in Yourself - the story of Louis Pasteur (Johnson, MD)
The Value of Respect - the story of Abraham Licoln (Johnson)
A Star is Not a Planet - and other mix-ups in space (Berger)
Mice are Amazing - gr. k-3
Solar System (Scholastic)
Frogs are Fantastic - gr. k-3
Strange Animals of the Sea, action book (National Geographic)
Insects (Kid's Discover magazine)

Creepy Spooky Science
Top Secret Adventures - includes:
Guide to Sweden, Guide to China, Guide to South Africa, Guide to Mexico, Guide to Costa Rica, Guide to Japan
Castles, illustrated, hardcover (chewed on bottom, but great content) (Kingfischer)
Clipper Ship (Lewis) - gr. 2-4

Children's Fiction:Story books: I'll put together an assorted collection for you, just tell me what level or levels you'd like.
All kinds of scholastic paperback readers - various reading levels(K-6), including chapter books.
Hardcover storybooks
Softcovers - (assorted)
Disney early readers
The Littles
Berenstein Bears

Abe Lincoln's Hat
The Crystal Palace of Adamas (Richard Wainwright), hardcover
Dragon Rider - #1 New York Times Bestseller, 2004, gr. 3-6, 536 pages (Cornelia Funke)

Peter Pan, illustrated, lg hardcover (Unicorn)

Fair Weather - 1893 world's fair (Richard Peck)

From East to West with Lewis & Clark
Story of Flight, softcover picture book

Early Childhood:
My First Steps to Reading Complete Alphabet Set (Grollier), hardcover, 25 book set
Board books


Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tripp)
Closing the Gap - A Strategy for Bringing Parents and Teens Together (McGraw)

Prescription for Nutritional Healing - Practical A-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies(Balch)
Teenagers with ADD (Dendy) (some highlighting)
Happiness is a Choice for Teens (Meier)

God's Little Devotional for Graduates
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

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  1. HooBoy. I want some! But now I'm overwhelmed...

    Let's see. Can you save these for me? WE can work out a deal for some cash and maybe a meal or some baked goods.

    From Heart to Page - Journaling Through the Years for Young Writers (Van Loon, Michelle) (Booklet)

    Wordsmith Craftsman 1992 Grades 10 & Up -A creative writing course for young people (Cheaney, Janie)

    Exploring Earth's Weather (Prentice Hall)

    Geography, hard cover illustrated (Time Life)

    Usborne Book of Kites (project)

    And I'd like to see what you have for hitroical fiction or classic literature for grades 6-8.

    This is WAY cool, Carla. You rock!

  2. I'm glad you found some things you need, Sher! Cash and something baked sounds great. You know what I love? Your pumpkin bake (whatever it was that you brought to our Christmas Eve open house a few years ago)!
    I'll set these aside for you.

  3. How kind of you to share your wealth with others! Looks like you have all kinds of good material here.

  4. Oh boy, oh boy! Thanks for the awesome opportunity to enrich my kiddos with some great books. Ethan is in 4th grade and will be studying American history next year so this will give me a good selection of readers for him. Mr. Uriah is in pre-school and LOVES Mercer Meyer and Amelia Bedelia. If they are still up for grabs (watch out... it's a long list):
    *Classic Poems to Read Aloud (hardcover (James Berry)
    *You Asked - Over 300 Great Questions and Astounding Answers (Owl Books)soft
    *The Kids How to Do (Almost) Everything Guide soft
    *Electronic Gadgets and Gizmos (Bartholomew)
    *Animation - from script to screen (Shanus Culhane)
    *Hailstones and Halibut Bones - Adventures in Color, poetry (beautiful), hardcover
    *Amelia Bedelia
    *Mercer Mayer
    *Tales of King Arthur (Usborne)
    *Dear America
    *The America Adventure series
    *Unforgettable Americans

    Okay... I think that does it. Let me know how much I owe you sweet pea. (If you'd like to barter just let me know. I offer a large variety of items at my bakery... you could have a standing order that I deliver weekly until I pay off the books).

  5. Hi Carla -

    How generous of you to share with other homeschoolers! I know many will be blessed.

    Susan :)


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