Monday, September 6, 2010

The View from Here

I've been hiding in my writing cave all weekend, chiseling away at my novel. I'm in the 3rd act now nearing the home stretch. With your face in such proximity to the screen it can sometimes feel claustrophobic.

Though, inside the cave there can be many passageways and tunnels for the imagination to explore. Often it is a beautiful place.

But I prefer to be where there is a view outside of the cave, especially when I'm writing for hours on end.
I love to read and write outdoors whenever possible. Although it's hard to tell, on my Mom's balcony I can see the sun sparkling on the lake across the dirt road. A nice rest for my eyes, and my brain. And, yes, that is Eliana and Yiska (my heroine and hero) on my laptop - more inspiration for my writing.
But when I'm home and need to get away from my computer in my writing studio, I position myself in front of a window, with plenty of fresh air flowing in, and enjoy the beauty of a view beyond.  This is the view from my bedroom, where I've been reclining with my laptop. Beyond the treeline is the river, and though I can't see it, I am refreshed by its sound. A steeple is also centered in the distance (difficult to see from this photo), but it reminds me to keep my focus when my attention is drawn away too long.

How do you keep yourself from getting lost in your own writing cave?


  1. Love the analogy, Carla! My kids keep me from getting too far into a writing cave. The longest snippet of time I get these days is during their 2-hour nap. :)

  2. Great views you have! Love it. Lots of snack runs keep me going and stretching. :O)

  3. I'm in the same boat as Sarah - frequently, my children tug me out of the cave. But it's sure a fun place to be when I'm allowed to stay there. :)

  4. I don't worry to much about getting lost. Life has a way of coming in to fetch me. I do make sure to hop on the stationary bike a few times each day, and sometimes end up biking 20 miles (in small manageable stretches). :)

    Carla, your view is lovely. Wish we lived out in the country. I too often feel the need to close the curtains and put in earplugs in an effort close out the noise and activity of our neighborhood. Thanks for sharing it with us. That felt like a visual "Ahhhh."

  5. Hi Carla! It's been too long since I've stopped by. I'm back from my little hiatus and playing catch up :)

    Great analogy for the claustrophobia that can be felt when locked away writing for hours and hours. Your views outside are lovely! I love writing outside, just for the fresh air and sunshine but inevitably I get distracted and go exploring! I do my best writing at night, by candlelight. That helps me concentrate.


  6. Hi Carla -

    Stunning views! I must get up and move around every hour or so. My eyes and brain need some downtime.

    Susan :)


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