Friday, September 11, 2009

What I learned from Facebook & Twitter

Before I started on Facebook and Twitter blogging for me was much more complicated and time consuming. Then I learned to microblog. Facebook has a 420 character limit, while Twitter challenges you to say what you need with only 140. For a writer, I likened this challenge to creating a brief pitch of a manuscript. A microsynopsis. Describe your book in one paragraph. Now describe it in one sentence. Is this even possible? I learned that it was. I also learned that I needn't drone on and on in my blogs or make it a major project every time I had something to say. This was good. Only problem, I started blogging so much on Facebook, using my Twitter updates as the vehicle, and neglected writing on my regular blogs. So, I'm trying to find some middle ground and hoping that this new blog will be that. Something else I've learned. Self expresion is possible with few words. That should give me practice when it comes time to trim my manuscripts.

How do you feel about blogging in fewer words?

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