Saturday, September 12, 2009

Healthy Competition

A little healthy competition is good for a writer. Here's why.

Debbie Roome at Pix n' Pens talked about "The Value of Writing Competitions" this week. The crux of her post said that competitions provide opportunities for discipline, new experiences, meeting deadlines, feedback, and rewards.

Wendy Lawton of Books and Such Literary Agency said this, "By sending your work to a writing contest you're saying, 'I'm ready for the competition. Put my work up against my fellow writers' work and let's see how it fares.' Bravo! That's the kind of attitude it takes to compete in this industry. And guess what? It's exactly what happens when your published book comes out. It goes to the bookstore shelf with all other books that made the cut and begins to compete for those few book dollars in the reader's wallet."

What have your experiences been with writing competitons?

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